Best Toys For Girls Age 6

When girls enter the age of 6, they start thinking on their own and start creating their little worlds. Since they are in kindergarten or junior level, they have different interests in toys. But when we talk about toys for girls age 6, parents often think of gifting toys that are helpful in their studies and refresh their minds. Toys are not only meant for fun but they can also build their connection between what they listen to and see. Toys for girls age 6 help refine their skills and prepare them for society.

When you are talking about the toys for girls age 6, there are several different toys available in each category. Whether your girl is interested in board games, robots, or hair styling dolls, you must choose the toy correctly. We have listed some of the best toys for girls age 6 below:

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things

When your girl is 6, she does not know much about the world, humans, and social ethics. For example, she doesn’t know about the geographical location of the world or body parts of a human. My encyclopedia of the very important things is the book that helps your kid to grow and know much about the world.

The book is divided into different categories. First, she will learn about the world and its geographical location. Then she will know some interesting facts about human and their body parts. It also includes information about pets. We need to teach our kids about anatomy, the world’s geography, and earthly creatures because they see these things on a daily basis. Not knowing anything about the outer world can create confusion in their minds. From this book, your little girl will understand the concept of how a human being grows and learns about different geographical locations of the world.

Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Flower Fleece Quilt No-Sew Craft Kit

Girls at this age are very interesting because they want to make their mark or they want to display their skills. From Melissa & Doug created by me! Flower Fleece Quilt No-Sew craft kit she can make a bedspread on her own. One of the best things about this kit is there is no need to clean the room for mom.

Fleece is a long-lasting and foolproof fabric because it can easily return to its original position and remain in its shape. Bedspread comes in a different color pattern with the 48 squares fringed together.

Melissa & Doug Fashion Design-Art Activity Kit

If your little girl loves the toys from the late ’80s and ’90s then you can get her a similar designing kit, also known by the name, Melissa & Doug Fashion Design-Art Activity Kit. If your little girl doesn’t have a fashion kit then you can gift it to your girl during the holidays. It is the fashion kit that will make your girl feel loved. By Gifting this fashion designing kit to your 6-year-old daughter, you are giving her a chance to refine her skills.

The fashion design includes different 16 double side fashion plates with 4 pencils and 1 crayon. It also has a crayon holder and a good build case. A fashion kit includes all the useful things to make your daughter creative. She can easily design a beautiful red dress. You can easily travel with this portable fashion kit. From this fashion kit, your girl has a chance to gather her imagination and build her crafty world. She can also know many more things about fashion by creating her own styles.

The Floor is Lava! Interactive Board Game

From grade one, every girl loves to play board games and they want to win games from an adult to feel grown-up. This toy, the floor is lava! The interactive board game is considered one of the best games for the entire family. Your family will love to play this game because it includes physical activities. Here are a few things that will make you love this game.

The first thing that will have you fall in love is the interactive and beautifully designed board game. Secondly, the game’s main purpose is to uplift your imagination and give you the chance to imagine a turnaround over lava. Thirdly, you also get to challenge other family members because it includes duel play. Lastly, it includes jumping, balancing, and laughing activities which makes you active and happier. It is a great game for parties and family get-togethers with the feature to play inside or outside of the house. Next time your kid’s cousins or friends are around, do not forget to add this toy to the kid’s games list.

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Does your girl have an interest in growing plants or loves to know about fairy gardens? If your kid has an interest in growing plants then you have a perfect chance to grow her interests by giving her the creativity for kids grows ‘n glow terrarium. Now, she can create her garden because the terrarium comes with all the facilities that help you in building a garden. It includes a potting mix, stones, a jar, and much more exciting things that will grow and glow a fairy garden for your 6-year-old daughter.

The best thing about this gift is that it is a combination of science and arts. She can give a unique design to the garden and can use her imagination to make a garden even bigger and prettier by placing patterned jars. After 2-3 days, the plant will grow in the jar and the jar will glow at night.

Everest Toys Crazy Forts

Every 6-year-old girl has a different taste in toys. From playing with dolls to board games, most of the girls grow up and parents are only left with memories, their pictures, and old toys for girls age 6. If you are looking for an interesting and fun game for your little girl, then Everest toys crazy fort is what you are looking for. It is a very useful and imaginative game for young kids to build their fort and protect it like a warrior. It includes 69 different pieces that will help your child to build a fort.

The strong plastic pieces are of pink color and it also includes pink balls to connect the pieces to the holes to build a fort. It is a portable fort that can easily be built at a beach or outside, at a park. You can cover this fort frame with a blanket or sheet. It is one of the best toy gifts for a 6-year-old girl as it will refine her building and critical-thinking abilities.

Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Game

The peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Game is one of the best sea-themed toys for girls age 6. If your little girl is a fan of mermaids, it will definitely cheer her up. There are, oh so many reasons to buy this mermaid board game for your little kid. Unlike other board games, it has gotten a theme and the pieces are too cute not to buy.

To increase the fun of the game, the mermaid game comes with the option to play with 2-6 other players. This will help your kid to learn different strategies for the game while polishing her social interaction abilities. The game does not include any reading. So, this makes it perfect for your little girl with no reading interest. It is a simple game in which you have to come up with a strategy to swim the mermaid to the island before the sea monster arrives. If your girl successfully passes the mission, she will win the game while learning dozens of strategies for the next game.

Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science +70 Activities

Your little girl is too young to be learning about chemistry but you can help her to build her interest in science and its various branches, for example, chemistry. With Be Amazing toys big bag of science +70 activities, your kid will know the interesting facts about science and will automatically grow her interest in the field of science, chemistry, zoology, and even anatomy. STEM toys for girls age 6 are very rare to find but are considered useful tools for future preparation. If you plan to get your child a degree in science, you might want to start right away.

This set includes 77 interesting activities to enhance and uplift the learning skills of the kids. Physics, earth, and life are the three scientific types of research that are included in this set. The set also includes chemistry, geology, biology, and other parts of science. The activity book’s tasks can be solved in groups. In addition to that, you can give your kid a chance to take help from friends and other family members if she wants to go solo.

FAO Schwarz {150 Piece Set} Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set

If your girl wants a castle, nothing to worry about because now, she can build her castle. No, it’s not so difficult for starters. You can get her FAO Schwarz {150 Piece Set} Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set. This gift is one of the best building toys for girls age 6, especially if your little girl dreams of building a castle day and night. She can easily chase her dream with this wooden block-castle.

If you are doubtful about giving her a wood castle, don’t be. It is safe for your girl to play with. It includes 150 blocks set with different themes. This wooden castle teaches your kid to learn and solve problems while enhancing their motor skills. This building set also unlocks the imagination of your little kid and helps her to think out of the box. Even though there’s no need for adult supervision, she can lend a hand or two to build a giant castle.

Airdom Non-Toxic Kids Nail Polish Set

If you want to pamper your little girl then bring the spa to your house. You can gift Airdom Non-Toxic Kids Nail Polish Set to your little kid because one of the best ways to spend time with your girl is by painting her nails. Regardless of age, every girl loves to maintain her nails and wants to own a nail polish kit.

This kit includes 7 bright colors nail polish with 1 top coat to make your girl’s nails look wonderful. The best part about nail polish is that it is water-based and non-toxic. The nail polishes are glittery and are ones you can apply easily. This is a wonderful gift for a 6-year old kid who loves to go to spas or nail salons.

ALEX Toys Craft DIY Card Crafter

Forget Hallmark, now you can refine the talent of your little kid by ALEX toys Craft DIY Card Crafter. You don’t have to take your little kit to the store to buy hundreds of colored sheets with lots of glitters to make a sticker. She only needs this kit to make a birthday card, a Christmas, or an easter card for a friend or other family member.

And why should you give this toy to your little girl? Well, Firstly, the box includes all the things that can help in preparing a greeting or a welcome card. This box will make her creative and help her to become an affectionate person. She can cheer up the person with her homemade creative card. Creativity is the best way to make your kid a better person for society. She can also prepare her birthday invitation cards and make the day memorable.

Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your girls in this world is the coding robot. The coding robot teaches your 6-year-old girl to code and to help her understand coding. The Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot is used in schools to teach coding to students and to help them program and create applications. Your little girl will love this cute robot.

There are multiple features in this robot. The voice-activated feature helps start the robot. The robot can teach your girl five different languages and can help her to grow in this modern world. If you want to make her familiar with the digital world, nothing is better than Wonder Workshop’s dash coding robot.

Make It Real – Fashion Design Sketchbook

If your little girl loves fast fashion, then you should gift her a Make It real- fashion design sketchbook. This book comes with different sketches, stickers, and design guides.

With all the features in this book, your little kid gets a chance to refine her talent and become more creative while polishing her drawing skills. She can also learn to trace and color inside the lines of the sketch and express her thoughts in different color variations.


6-year-old girls are hesitant to leave their old toys behind but no new toys mean no growth. You should give her new toys so she can learn to let go and experience new things now and then.

Let me know what you think about today’s article and what toys you have bought for your daughter age 6 and how it affected your child in the comments section below.

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