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Here is where we talk about toys for girls age 5.  5-year-old kids, especially girls are curious to learn new facts, learn new spellings, writing styles, and games. Even though your little girl is growing up, she needs educational and fun-learning toys to help her determine between what is right and wrong. She is at the stage where her toys, classroom friends, and books are very important.

You might be noticing that she’s outgrown some of her favorite toys. She might not be interested in playing with them anymore. If that is the case with your little girl, you must start your search for toys for girls age 5. Yes, buying her the right, age-appropriate toys will develop and enhance her learning capabilities.

Toys for girls age 5 are expensive. Before buying some, you need to ensure that your little girl likes it and won’t just toss it away after one-time use.

To get the best toys for girls age 5, keep reading on. We present you with a variety of fun, learning toys.

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Toy

Toys For Girls Age 5 Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Toy

Want a realistic yet vibrant karaoke machine toy for your little girl? Here’s a good option to look at. If your darling girl loves to sing and enjoys music, it is the perfect girl for her. It looks like a realistic karaoke machine, so your girl will feel like a star performer and will sing for her imaginative fans and audience. Do not forget to play along with her!

The karaoke machine comes with two microphones in case she wants to perform a duet song with you or her friend. Also, the karaoke stand is adjustable. So, it is a height-appropriate toy for your little girl.

To set the stage for your little performing artist and make the performance even livelier for her imaginative audience, you use the ON/OFF switch to turn on the flashing lights and the two pedals for fun.

The karaoke stand also comes with an AUX cable so that you can connect to your device. The ON/OFF volume control knob will let you adjust your little girl’s lovely voice. It is easy to set up and can be assembled and disassembled quickly.

The only disadvantage is it has no time travel feature. You can not listen to your little girl’s music recordings afterward.

Razor Graffiti Chalk scooter

Toys For Girls Age 5 Razor Graffiti Chalk scooter

This classical scooter lets your little girl draw colorful and vibrant lines while she rides the scooter like a pro. The handlebar is adjustable and foldable- perfect for your little girl to ride with comfortability. The chalk scribbler from which your girl will draw doodles is refillable and non-toxic. The chalk scribbler can be cleaned and removed if your daughter does not want to draw on the streets while riding.

The design is sturdy and the chalk is easy to wash/clean. Your daughter can enjoy the ride even without the chalk drawings.

The scooter features smooth-rolling urethane wheels and patented rear fender brakes to ensure your daughter’s safety. As the design is top-notch, it can hold a total weight of 143 pounds. However, it requires some assembling before your girl can start riding it.

It is one of the best outdoor toys for girls age 5 as it encourages physical activity and allows your daughter to play outside with her friends.

Moreover, your girl will build her imaginary world from all the colorful doodles she will draw.

The only disadvantage of the scooter is eventually the chalks run out. To refill them, you have to purchase special chalks that fit into the holder.

Huffy 12-inch Disney Frozen Girls Bike

Toys For Girls Age 5 Huffy 12-inch Disney Frozen Girls Bike

If your little girl loves Elsa from Frozen, she will love this bike for sure. Parents regard it as one of the best Disney toys for girls age 5. The beautiful, bright blue color and the sparkly decoration are a perfect fit for your want-to-be Disney princess. The blue Disney cloth basket attached to the handlebar allows your daughter to carry her valuables. She can even use it to collect candies on Halloween. However, you will have to work a bit to dress her as a Frozen princess.

The sidewalk support tires have a unique snowflake design and the easy-to-use coaster brakes will have your girl stopping the bike in an instant. All the functions in the bike only contribute to a comfortable ride for your little girl.

The steel frame is decorated with Disney Frozen characters. Moreover, the seat is adjustable and the training wheels, that come attached with the bike can be taken off easily. But make sure your girl knows how to ride on 2 wheels. It is one of the best toys for girls age 5, especially for first-timers and those who are eager to enhance their coordination and balance skills.

Even though the bike is sturdy, it is not well-suited for harsh terrains.

Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler

Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler

A barbie-themed jeep as a gift? Perfect for the little girl who loves to dress up and live life like a barbie. The jeep has barbie graphics and is decorated with pretty, barbie colors. The doors of the jeep open-and-shut so that your girl can sit and move in and out of it easily. When it comes to the jeep’s interior, the radio with 6-jamming pre-loaded music tunes will add a lot of fun to your girl’s journey.

The storage box within the jeep will help her to be able to keep an ample number of valuables in it. The frame of the jeep is quite sturdy and the seating area is quite spacious. Two kids can easily sit in the jeep as it can hold a total weight of 130 pounds.

The wrangler, barbie-themed jeep also comes with a high-speed, parent-controlled lock for adjusting the speed. Your girl can ride smoothly on most surfaces and even on grass.

Not only does it enhance your kid’s spatial relation and coordination skills but also teachers her about independence and confidence that one gets by driving a car.

Even though it is not hard to assemble it, it is pretty time-consuming, even if two adults are working on the assembly.

Fisher-Price Grow-To-Pro Basketball

Fisher-Price Grow-To-Pro Basketball

Have you ever seen an adjustable basketball goal? If your answer is no, you would love seeing this toy for girls age 5. It is an adjustable basketball goal by Fisher-Price that grows with your little girl. It can be adjusted to 4 height positions: 3 feet to 5 feet. Your daughter can get this as a beginner and with passing years, she will become a pro basketball player.

The basketball goal has a sturdy yet flat base which can be weighted with plenty of sand or water to hold it down on the surface and prevent it from tipping on the ground. This way, it will stand upright and your daughter won’t have the challenge of picking it up again and again.

If you want your girl’s shooting skills to be improved, get her this toy and watch her become a pro player. Your little girl will learn how to shoot the ball straight to the goal at a very young age. Her physical strength, muscles, and confidence will also develop in the game process.

However, the post can not be detached once it has been hammered to the base.

Hedstrom Dreamworks Troll hopper ball, hop ball for girls

Hedstrom Dreamworks Troll hopper ball, hop ball for girls

Hopper ball– one of the best hopping toys for girls age 5. With this toy, your girl will keep hopping around the house for hours. It is 15 inches tall, so, parents can store it and carry it conveniently. The hopper ball is made of durable yet elastic vinyl material. Your little girl can hop anywhere, indoors or outdoors. It will not get deflated as it can bear a lot of weight. The little troll characters on the ball will entertain your child throughout her playtime.

You can inflate the ball easily using an electric pump or a manual pump. The hopper ball allows her to stay active and learn the art of coordination and balance while watching her favorite TV shows.

It might seem small at first sight but it’s perfect for your 5-year-old girl.

Barbie Fashionistas Powder Pink Curvy Lace Doll

Barbie Fashionistas Powder Pink Curvy Lace Doll

Is your daughter lagging behind in making friends? Is nobody her best friend yet? No worries, get her this curvy Barbie doll so she can make an imaginary yet caring friend. Your daughter will be surprised at the modern dressing of the doll. She comes wearing a trendy one-shoulder bodice in pink and gray color. Moreover, the pendant on her neck comes as an accessory and sneakers complete her attire and make her look cool.

Your daughter will love playing with her dark, long hair. This toy will teach her to make some new friends as she will come up with exciting and fun group activities.

She will learn a lot about hair styling and dressing. The curvy body of the doll will teach her not to judge anyone by looks, weight, color or race.

However, your daughter has to carry her everywhere as it can not stand on her own.

Hatchimals Surprise- Giraven- Hatching Eggs With Surprise Twin Interactive Creatures

Hatchimals Surprise- Giraven- Hatching Eggs With Surprise Twin Interactive Creatures

These surprise egg toys include 2 hatchimals. The set comes with an instructional manual and a guide as well. Each egg consists of 2 hatchimal twins. All your daughter has to do is rub the egg and she will hear the adorable sounds of these toy creatures.

She will also be able to see the glowing eyes inside the egg. The hatchimals are very interactive as they talk to each other, laugh together, play games, tell each other jokes, and even become sad when they are too far away from each other.

It is an interactive and fun toy to play with. The hatchimal twins will repeat everything your daughter says in front of them. If you are thinking about whether they will hatch or not, of course, they will!

They will hatch once their eyes glow with rainbow colors. Your little girl will learn to take responsibility at a young age. She will take care of the eggs until the hatchimals come out.

Even though it is a fun toy to play with, it is a little bit pricey. So, make sure your daughter loves it and will not break them after one use.

Creativity For Kids- Fashion Headbands Craft Kit For Girls

Creativity For Kids- Fashion Headbands Craft Kit For Girls


This headband set is one of the best fashion toys for girls age 5. The pack includes a wide array of satin headbands in the universal and rainbow colors. On top of that, there are rhinestones, flowers, yards of ribbons, styling butterflies, and much more. If your daughter is into hair styling, she will love to create unique designs out of the pieces with you or her friends.

The headbands, along with other accessories are very easy to use. The final product, which your daughter will create is wearable. So, be ready to take thousands of pictures of her wearing the headband.

The pack also comes with felt plates and non-toxic glue to attach the pieces to the headbands and to create unique decorative pieces.

It is a great toy for unleashing your daughter’s creativity level. She can change the headband’s design now and then and learn a lot of construction and design concepts.

The headbands are made of pure satin. So, there is a chance they will not stay put on your daughter’s head.

Klutz Shrink And Link Jewelry Set

Klutz Shrink And Link Jewelry Set

This jewelry kit allows your daughter to make beautiful, home-made jewelry. The shrink and link set includes a cardboard baking tray, 5 shrink sheets, a plastic chain, 55 color brads, a ring base, 8 s-hooks, sequins, jewelry shaping tools, an instructional manual, and lots of traceable art. With this set, your daughter can create dimensional, transferable and reusable plastic pendants. She can also link them to create amazing pieces of jewelry.

It is perfect to introduce your daughter to shrink art. Not only your daughter but all the family members will love playing with it.

However, make sure to teach her how to use it as it might be a bit too complex for her to understand and use the kit all on her own.


Selecting the right toys for girls age 5 is never easy for a parent. However, the process gets easier with help and a little bit of research. We have reviewed the best toys for girls age 5 so you can pick the right ones for your confident little princess.

What do you think of these toys for girls age 5? How many of them would choose for your daughter? Remember to please leave your remarks in the section below.




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