Every 5-year-old kid needs toys they can include in their play for mental and holistic development. With the never-ending supplies of toys for boys age 5, finding the right toys for your little one can be a challenging task. 5-year-old boys are on the verge of starting Kindergarten. Therefore, a careful selection of toys for boys age 5 can improve their social skills and help them to mingle well with their classmates.

A toy can be a token of appreciation for learning a new word or a nice gesture to surprise your boy. To find the best toys for boys age 5, you need to look into various factors such as the toy’s popularity, functionality, age-appropriateness, and it is fun and educational sides.

We have compiled a list of best toys for boys age 5. Take a look at them below and make your toy-shopping experience easy!

Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone

The latest model of mini RC drone by Holy Stone lets your little boy thinks he’s riding a helicopter and rescuing the town. While many drones in the market are complicated and not appropriate for a 5-year-old boy to operate, this drone model is relatively easy to operate, even for a 5-year-old boy.

The compact yet sturdy mini drone is perfect for beginners. It has the capability to make 360-degree turns making it one of the best toys for boys age 5. Holy Stone makes foldable drones that are easy to carry and transport.

If your kid is interested in planes and flight operations, gift him this drone and watch his imagination take off into the sky. The mini drone comes with a comprehensive safety instruction guide and a user manual. So, be vigilant in going through both of them before handing over the drone to your little one.

As the learning curve of the toy is pretty steep, it is better for your child to operate it under adult supervision. He might need a little assistance in flying this drone.

Not only does the child learn to operate a drone but the parents enjoy the experience as well. It is a unique toy for a 5-year-old boy that will encourage him to use his imagination and hidden flying skills.

The drone can fly for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you will have to recharge it, which takes 30 minutes. In addition, the drone comes with a controller. All 10 buttons on the controller are unlabeled. So, it gets challenging for the parents to explain the functions to the kids at first.

Vtech Record And Learn KidiStudio

Want your little boy to learn freestyle music? Give him this record and learn a musical instrument by KidiStudio and wait for the magic. The keyboard musical toy comes with a microphone and a recorder as a full-fledged package. It even lights up so your boy feels like he is hosting a concert.

He can record his musical creations and share them with his friends and family. The keyboard has a built in studio, having 40 songs and different sound effects such as rock, techno and jazz. If he wants to change his voice during play, he can choose from a wide array of digital effects in the microphone.

Even though it is one of the best musical toys for boys age 5, you would have to bear the noise as long as he plays with the toy.

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike

Looking for a sporty toy so that your little boy can expend more energy with physical games? RoyalBaby BMX freestyle kid’s bike is the perfect bike for your little boy. The bike comes in a variety of colors, so, pick your kid’s favorite and get him on the road right away!

The BMX freestyle bike is quite stylish for a 5-year-old boy. He would love to ride it with his friends in the neighborhood. Ride along in style, the bike comes with lots of safety features. The training wheels are equipped with noise dampeners so your child can concentrate on the road while riding.

The enclosed chain guard will help your kid to pedal away and ride in style. Your kid will have a blast on this bike. But safety comes first. Do not forget to wear a helmet.

Besides a pair of training wheels, the bike comes with a kickstand, a cage, a water bottle, and a bell. But before your kid can enjoy on the bike, you have to assemble it and check it now and then as the training bolts sometimes become loose.

Eagle Eye Explorer Kids Binoculars

Even though this toy is made with children in mind but it offers functions and features of a real binocular for adults. If your kid loves to explore during traveling, he will love to play with the shock-proof and durable binoculars by Eagle Eye. It is made of aluminum and rubber; therefore, it can endure rough usage as well.

This is one of the best camping toys for boys age 5 if they love to spy on other children and play games.

The binoculars
are equipped with 8x high-resolution magnification lenses. So, the view of far-away places will be crisp and clear. He can play pretend games, become an explorer, or go on an adventure outside his house.

The toy comes with a comprehensive operational manual, a cleaning cloth, and a wrist strap so your kid does not lose it while exploring new insects, sites and animals.

My Encyclopedia Of Very Important Things

If your kid is a book worm, this encyclopedia
with numerous facts and a small series of stories will keep him up at night. It is a book with everything for a child. From insects and fruits to animals and dinosaurs, your kid will learn about everything.

How do insects communicate? What’s the largest sea in the world? How many animals are there in the world? How many people are there in the world? This book has the answer to everything. It will surely improve your kid’s learning skills and the book also teaches basic words in Spanish as well as French.

The stories in the encyclopedia are age-appropriate, full of suspense, and engaging. Your kid will not stop telling general knowledge facts to his friends after reading this book.

However, your kid has to be extra careful while handling and reading the book as the pages get separated from the hardcover very easily.

Joyfun Kids Walkie Talkie

Who does not love playing with walkie-talkies? They are the best classic toys for boys age 5. Lots of people grew up playing with this old yet fun toy. They are fun to play with while camping or around the house. If you are playing with your kid, you can hear the clear sound of your little soldier within a 2-mile radius.

You can come up with different ideas to teach your kid about the walkie-talkie technology. On a rainy day, build a tent and use the walkie-talkie to communicate with your child.

It is specifically designed to fit in a 5-year-old boy’s hands. So, the size is about half of adult version walkie-talkies.

The toy works as a great medium to communicate if you are on a vacation or at a camping site. Your kid can even pretend to play police with his older sibling and rescue you!

It is a great indoor toy many kids use while playing hide-and-seek. The only disadvantage is the size of the walkie-talkies.

Hauck Lightning- Pedal Go Kart

The ultimate toy for your daring little boy- Hauck Lighting Pedal Go Kart. With loads of fun, it will allow your kid to expend his energy while teaching him the skills of balance and coordination. Not only will he build strength but will teach him endurance. Even though it is designed for a 5-year-old boy, it provides the opportunity for young kids to experience real steering and driving experience.

If you and your kid are interested in having a race competition with other kids in the neighborhood, get this toy and win the race!

The best aspects of this go-kart is it is safe – your kid can ride it without an adult’s supervision. In addition to that, it is suitable for both outdoors and indoors.

However, it requires a large storage space. If you have a garage, there should not be a challenge in storing it.

Listenman 2 pack Kites- Red Octopus And Rainbow Kite

This is one of the best flying toys for boys age 5. The kites will fly high and amaze your kid. Your kid will love seeing the kites fly higher than buildings. The toy does not only encourage physical activity but patience and hand-eye coordination as well.

If you want to spend quality time with your family, a kit pack is a classic toy to invest in. The toy comes in different color options. So, choose your kid’s favorite and watch him take it to the park, campsite, and even to the school.

However, parental assistance is necessary as most kids age 5 do not know how to fly kites.

Toysery Kids Toy Bow And Arrow Archery Set

Are you fond of archery and want your kid to follow the same footsteps? This toy archery set is great for your little warrior. With loads of fun with you, he can sharpen his hand-eye coordination and archery shooting skills.

The archery set comes with arrows, bows, and a target. This toy will have your little boy playing for hours. It can be set up in a playroom or at a birthday party.

The high-quality archery set shoots straight and the target lights up if the aim is correct.

However, handle the arrows with care as they can get damaged with rough play.

Jozo Rotating Star Projector Night Light

It is one of the best night toys for boys age 5 and a fun addition to your kid’s room. The toy is a projector
displays a starry night scene on the ceiling as well as the walls in 4 different colors. Not only does the projector encourage imaginative play but also helps your kid cope with fear of dark rooms. If you are going camping or renovating your little boy’s room, this will be a great gift for him.

It provides a variety of color and rotation settings and shuts down automatically after 45 minutes. The only con is it does not have an ON/OFF switch. You will have to wait for 45 minutes for it to switch off.

LEGO Juniors- Shark Attack

Let your kid explore the world of LEGOs with this shark attack toy pack. As a parent, you must find the best age-appropriate toy for your kid. The LEGO shark attack set will help him to get started with kindergarten.

The LEGO pieces in the pack will help him to build a sea training area with a spinning draining tummy, a weapon stand, a detachable flame, and a motorbike.

With LEGO building blocks, he can also build a shark car (movable fins) and a flag. If your kid gets bored with this collection, you can buy him a new one and he can use these LEGOs with the new one!

However, the LEGO pieces are quite tiny and a child can choke on them. Therefore, adult supervision is necessary.

Educational Insights Robot Face Race

The robot face race toy is for 2 to 4 players. In this toy, the boss robot gives players some details and they search for the correct robot to win the game. It is a silly yet fun game for the whole family. Even as a parent, you will be excited for your turn to come.

All you have to do is follow the instruction and earn tokens.


5-year-old children are in the learning phase, where they are constantly exploring and improving their practical skills. At such a crucial, learning age, every kid should be introduced to age-appropriate toys to add fun and enjoyment.

Let me know in the comments section below how you liked this blog and what your opinion is about Best Fun Toys For Boys Age 5 below.

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