Toys for kids with cerebral palsy play a big role in a differently-abled child’s development and growth. Children with cerebral palsy have different needs than kids without it. Make sure to consider their developmental timelines when choosing toys for kids with cerebral palsy.

Some toys for kids with cerebral palsy are quite helpful while some can distressing. You have to keep the treatments in mind or the toys can be a potential hazard.

Why Do We Need Different Toys For Kids With Cerebral Palsy?

The diagnosis of cerebral palsy is different for every child. You cannot consider your child’s age, abilities, or gender when making a list of toys for kids with cerebral palsy. You have to curate a toy list of your own regardless of your child’s physical abilities, age, and gender.

The right toys for kids with cerebral palsy will not endanger or scare them away. They will help them in supplementing their physical therapy. Moreover, toys for kids with cerebral palsy are an entertaining way to build skills and have fun.

How Can Toys For Kids With Cerebral Palsy Help?

Most differently-abled children learn through fun play. They are always full of wonder and curiosity. They feel like running the world yet stop due to the lack of growth and development. All the sound effects, shapes, textures, colors from toys for kids with cerebral palsy are new opportunities for your child’s development. Toys for kids with cerebral palsy can teach children about the world and its environment around us. Moreover, they encourage the mental yet practical growth of a child.

Here are some abilities your child will learn through playing with toys for kids with cerebral palsy:

· Language

· Motor skills

· Hand-eye coordination

· Creativity

· Conflict resolution

· Problem-solving

· Confidence

· Self-esteem

· Independence

· Social interaction

The differently-abled children are the same kids without cereble palsy concerning development and growth. Stimulation and encouragement through play from toys for kids with cerebral palsy can help your child. Although the abilities of your child might be limited, he will be able to improve individual challenges through toys.

Top Toys For Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Here are some toys that will help your child with cerebral palsy to grow and learn:

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand

It is one of the best-designed toys to improve motor functions in differently-abled children. The kinetic sand is very easy to mold. It is a perfect toy for kids with cerebral palsy as they can make whatever they want. The sand is not too dry or soft yet sticky, which is a plus point. Kinetic sand encourages the children to grow and unleash creativity. Here are some ways your child can play with the inexpensive yet wonderful toy:

· Drawing

· Smashing

· Squeezing

· Build huge sandcastles

· Pack the kinetic sands into the mold

· Poke objects in the kinetic sand

· Make memorable handprints with the parents or siblings

· Play treasure hunt

· Bury other toys in the kinetic sand

Children with special needs always have fun playing with kinetic sand. Moreover, it is one of the best toys to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and tactile sensation.

Fold And Go Trampoline

Fold And Go Trampoline

Fold and Go Trampoline is a portable toy for children with special needs. The toy will promote balance whenever your kid jumps on it. Furthermore, it helps to strengthen the arms and legs. Your child will be able to bear more weight on his legs and arms as a result. Trampoline is designed for young children. It promotes safety in all ways. For instance, the trampoline has a small surface on the base. This will allow the child to bounce only on a particular spot. Moreover, the safety rail is also there for extra stability. One should supervise the child at all times as accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Sit And Spin

Sit And Spin

Sit and spin toy is an easy yet fun way to promote sitting balance. Your kid has one task – to sit and spin it as much as he likes. The wheel will start spinning. He has to maintain balance if he wishes the wheel to keep spinning. Children with special needs practice holding on to the spinning wheel. Hence, they use muscles that strengthen their vestibular system. Moreover, they will build balance and develop spatial skills in no time.



A Bilibo is a simple yet helpful toy for kids with CP. It helps to develop all sorts of balance skills. The manufacturer has molded it into the shape of a shell. It is large enough for small kids to sit on. Children with special needs can rock to and fro as well as spin at the same time. Bilibo has 0 flat surfaces. The toy is dynamic – it makes constant changes in motion and direction. Kids with cerebral palsy learn to practice shifting their center of gravity. The toy requires adult supervision. They might need help if they fall down.

Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks

Children with cerebral palsy face difficulty learning and growing. These individuals have challenges developing their fine motor skills. Mega Bloks is a fantastic yet useful toy to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Mega Bloks are much larger than Lego. This makes it easier for the kids to pick them up and stack them anyway they want.

They encourage creativity and allow the kids to build whatever they have in mind. For example, your child can build cars, houses, and even skyscrapers. The possibilities are almost limitless when you have creativity in the palm of your hand.

Kids have a lot of fun playing with this toy set as it encourages grasping and reaching skills. Your child will be building, snapping, or pulling off the pieces all the time!

Paint Set

Paint Set

Painting is an excellent and traditional way for developing fine motor skills in special needs children. Individuals with cerebral palsy can practice maintaining a range of motions while painting. Moreover, they can practice holding the brush by using their fingers and wrists. The different types of strokes during painting while providing a fun experience for your kid.

Painting brushes or tools are not necessary. If you do not think tools are safe for your kid, you can always switch to finger painting. It is a useful yet interactive way to promote tactile sensation development. Moreover, finger painting strengthens all the finger muscles as well. If your kid has a habit of putting fingers in his or her mouth, we have a solution for that. You can give them whipped cream with food coloring mixes.

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Playing musical instruments has always been a good yet effective way to improve motor skills in kids with CP. Using musical instruments and incorporating in regular play might help to improve:

· Fine motor skills

· Mood

· Concentration

· Sensory coordination

The musical instrument kit we are talking about comes with a lot of tools. Your kid can practice any instrument he likes. He will learn to make various movements such as tapping, shaking, and grabbing. This musical instrument kit will make sure boredom does not creep in. It is very interactive for children of all ages.

Music Glove

Music Glove

Music Glove is a tech-driven toy. It is a hand therapy game or device made for individuals with cerebral palsy. It is designed to aid in neuromuscular conditions, such as cerebral palsy. Your kid can perform repetitions to promote neuroplasticity.

There is no age limit for using this toy. Children and adults, both, can use this device to boost rhythm, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, this toy is clinically proven to develop motor skills and improve hand-eye function in a few weeks. The user has to practice repetitive finger gripping motion to learn. This device is useful yet effective to develop all the necessary skills one needs to perform everyday tasks. For example, you will not have difficulty typing or turning doorknobs.

Magnetic Building Tiles

Magnetic Building Tiles

Magnetic Building tiles are designed for children with cerebral palsy. They promote spatial awareness, creativity, and hand-eye coordination by creating different 3D structures. The magnetized yet colorful slides attract from all sides. Moreover, they are available in different shapes, such as triangles, squares, and rectangles. This toy set can be used for individuals with poor motor skills. The blocks are integrated with magnets. They will gravitate towards the other blocks with minimal effort. Pulling them apart will need a tad bit of force.



A smart tablet appears to be worth the investment for children with cerebral palsy. There are many apps in the Apple store that might help to aid motor skills and communication. You should provide access to and engage your child in a variety of fun apps. Some applications offer different programs such as speech generators, voice control while others offer games. All the programs dedicated to cerebral palsy patients will definitely improve motor impairments. An individual can use the iPad for years, unlike other toys that have a short shelf life. You can install progressive and new applications dedicated to cerebral palsy patients.

Whirly Squigz

Whirly Squigz

Whirly Squigz moves, as the name suggests. It is a toy that maintains suction onto any surface and spins. The vibrant yet colorful toy encourages hand-eye coordination, cause & effect, and development in early babies. Moreover, all the parts are made of soft silicon. They are safe and friendly for teething toddlers.

Fat Brain Dimpl

Fat Brain Dimpl toys for kids with cerebral palsy

The Dimpl toy from Fat Brain is a vibrant yet colorful toy. It features 5 different types of bubbles. All the bubbles are made from silicon. Moreover, they are of varying sizes and colors. Children with special needs can grab, push and poke the 5 dimples. Popping them in and out requires force. They develop to bear weight. The Dimpl also encourages fine motor skills and sensory exploration.

Vtech Sort And Discover Drum SetVtech Sort And Discover Drum Set toys for kids with cerebral palsy

The sort and discover drum set by Vtech consists of 5 blocks. Each block has the same size but a different shape and color. They are numbered from one to five. Each block in the set depicts some kind of animal. You can see the picture of the animal on the block’s surface as well. All the drums light up, make sounds and play different songs. In short, the blocks reward the children for sorting out all the drums. The sort and discover drum set encourages the individual to learn about animals, colors, numbers, and shapes. Further, they improve fine motor skills and cause-&-effect.

Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog By Learning Resources

Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog By Learning Resources toys for kids with cerebral palsy

The cute yet interactive hedgehog, Spike, by Learning Resources features fine motor games for children with cerebral palsy. Spike consists of 12 colorful quills that are designed to teach counting skills, sorting, and color recognition. The quills are molded in peg shapes so they are easier to hold and grasp. Spike is one of the best-selling toys on our list.

Spin And Sing Alphabet Zoo By Leapfrog

Spin And Sing Alphabet Zoo By Leapfrog toys for kids with cerebral palsy

The spin and sing alphabet zoo by Leapfrog introduces numbers, letters, alphabets and sounds to children. The toy contains different learning modes; each is operated by a spin of the wheel. If the child succeeds, the toy rewards him by playing light and music responses to each touch. It is a good toy for improving motor skills apart from teaching numbers and letters.

Elite Bike Walking Ride By YBike Pewi

Elite Bike Walking Ride By YBike Pewi toys for kids with cerebral palsy

The elite walking bike is suitable for children of ages between 9 months and 3 years. Although the weight limit disappoints it is one of the award-winning toys for children with CP. The walking buddy bike can be used as a walker or a push toy.

It provides a diverse range of options to support children. Moreover, the children build confidence and strength. All the activities aid working, steering, walking, pushing, and performing daily tasks. It is ideal for indoor use only.


We should encourage and allow children with cerebral palsy to play as much as possible to improve fine motor skills. Most individuals have oral impairments. Playing with the right toys might help them to overcome some of their challenges.

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  1. Cerebral palsy is a lot more common than people think, and to know that companies are starting to make toys and think about this condition and how kids play. It’s wonderful to see so many sites and companies that are gearing their research and development into finding more toys that all kids can play with.

    1. Yes, it is good to see companies recognizing the importance of cerebral palsy and helping children who suffer from it.

  2. It’s awesome to see such appropriate toys for children with cerebral palsy. I don’t work as a teacher anymore, but I have a relative who works in a daycare setting and they have children with cerebral palsy. I will definitely show him this post. I particularly liked the toys like the trampoline, Bilibo, and sit and spin toy because they promote muscle development and balance skills. But the others are all excellent ideas, too.

    1. It is wonderful some companies have seen the need for toys that cater to children with cerebral palsy.

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