When boys reach the age of 6, they start to be independent. They start building thoughtful and meaningful connections between everything they hear and see. At this stage, providing them with a meaningful yet interesting toy can make up their skills and even character. This is the time when they have learned basic skills and are ready to polish and enhance them. Toys for boys age 6 can help them accomplish the task of polishing their skills and improving their character as a male in this world.

When it comes to toys, the interests of 6-year-old boys are different. They are in the phase of exploring new things and testing new adventures. If your little boy is on your gift-giving list, you need to see the list of best toys for boys age 6.

ZOOB Racerz Car Design

When it comes to deciding the best toys for boys age 6, cars always on top of the list. With the ZOOB car racer pack, your boy will be fascinated to become a car designer, a car architect, or a car racer in the future. The pack includes 4 unique vehicles, 1 12-wheeled car transporter, and 3 ZOOB racing cars. The number of cars is 4 but the whole racing set includes 78 pieces and an instruction guide so that you can assist your child in building the world’s best cars.

However, it is challenging for a kid to assemble the pieces alone. Therefore, they need an adult’s assistance at all times. Some pieces of the set do not interlock.

This racing car set is ideal for independent, individual play. With 78 pieces, your kid has ample opportunities to build as per his imagination. From motorcades to monsters, your child can build whatever he likes. If your child is a bookworm, he can even relax on the sofa and read the instruction guide without any assistance.

The cars that come in the back have pure rubber tires. So, the car pieces do not wear out easily.

Obuby Walkie Talkie For Kids

Enjoying outside adventures for your kid becomes interesting and fun with this walkie-talkie for kids. If your boy likes to go out with his friends into the wood for imaginative play, he can take this walkie-talkie toy set and stay connected to all his friends. One amazing thing about this toy is it has 3 walkie-talkies, unlike other brands which only have 2 walkie-talkies. Your little boy will love to switch between 10 different types of signals and bright-colored flashlights to navigate in the dark.

Obuby walkie-talkies toy set is a famous choice for parents and one of the best communication toys for boys age 6 because it has a range of 3 miles. In addition to that, your boy can communicate using 22 different channels for added privacy and avoid signal interruption.

The walkie-talkies are equipped with the latest technology and have a voice activation feature. Unlike other walkie-talkies, your boy will not have to hold the ‘talk’ button while speaking. However, one cannot rely on its talk time. The battery life is short. So, parents need to give their children an extra pack of batteries for those long camping sessions.

Game Zone Super Stadium Baseball Game

If your 6-year-old boy is a big fan of Yankees, say no more. Make him a player from the start by gifting him a super stadium baseball board game. To lead his team, he does not have to be out on the field. He can command his team in his room.

This board game is between a pinball arcade and a baseball game that allows your child to play swiftly with his hands. All he has to do is move the band with his hands, either left or right, depending on the goal. The inner field is completely magnetized. So, it accounts for greater ball movement. You can trust this toy’s lifespan as the quality is top-notch.

By using his concentration and coordination skills, your little boy can recreate his favorite game and become a young baseball player. The game is equipped with advanced control settings. So, your boy can change the ball and speed and trajectory as he likes. The game involves great mechanics. So, your boy will love controlling his very own baseball game.

This game board comes with a score pad and a spring-loaded bat to make a realistic baseball game. The score pad lets you keep track of who is winning. Moreover, it does not use batteries. So, no need to purchase them separately, as you do for other toys for boys age 6.

The only disadvantage is its pitcher. Maneuvering the pitcher can be a great challenge for a 6-year-old boy. So, ask him to be patient and play strategically.

Doinkit Darts- Magnetic Dartboard

This is one of the best toys for boys age 6, particularly because of the magnetic feature and the game itself, that keep the boys busy for hours. This magnetic dartboard provides excellent magnetic attraction because it is made of high-grade neodymium. The board attracts the magnetic darts as soon as your boys aim and throw it on the board. The magnetic darts and the board allow your little boy to spend quality time with his dad or friends.

The toy is safe, considering the age. Your boy can manipulate the game rules and play with them in different ways as the throwing distances can be changed. He can use the point-scale system to keep his scores or to decide who is winning.

By playing with the toy, the boys learn the concept of a magnetic field, the force’s impact, and various scaling and scoring techniques and systems. Even though the magnetic darts do not fly as high as traditional darts, but they are worth it, given the toy is not pricey.

But mind you, your little boy will not be learning precision throwing as they do not provide the same features as traditional throwing darts.

Melissa And Dough Discovery Magic Set

Learning magic and mastering tricks you usually see on the TV screen takes years of practice. If your 6-year-old boy is fascinated by magic, why not get him a magic trick set as a toy? Amazing idea for Christmas, right? With Melissa and Dough’s discovery magic set, your kid will be able to learn 4 magic tricks. Imagine him boasting at school and getting praised by his teachers for learning magic at such a young age.

The tricks he will learn are color-changing string spectacle, sword in the stone trick, the magic jewel box phenomenon, and chamber of illusion trick. Give him an audience and watch his confidence reach for the sky. This magic trick set allows him to shine whenever and where ever he wants.

After learning the art of magic and gaining training on 4 different types of magic tricks, he will be able to show it to a large audience with joy and pride. Your child will need to practice a lot.

The tricks are challenging to learn. So, make sure not to give it to a boy whose age is less than 6. Your kid will find the toy frustrating at first but soon, he would develop an interest in magic and will rock the stage.

All the magic trick pieces are made of wood. Your kid will take pride in giving the audience the ‘wow’ factor.

Diggin Active Dodge Tag

Boys love to play dodging the ball. It is a fun game which allows your child to expend his energy in physical activity while enhancing his hand-eye coordination skills. This digging dodge tag toy set allows your kid to play dodge the ball safely with his friends and siblings.

The dodge ball kit comes with several mesh shirts with adjustable straps. Regardless of your boy’s size, it will fit him for sure. All the mesh shirt pieces have one big Velcro target opponent players attack and aim for.

After hitting the exact target, the ball gets stuck in the target so children can keep up with the scores. However, games like these come with safety hazards. Ensure that everyone participating knows the safety rules and protocols.

The dodge ball set comes with 6 softballs. The soft material of the ball helps parents to avoid injuries as much as they can.

It is necessary to keep a watch on the boy and his friends or the game can get out of hand.

Kids Fort Building Kit

This building kit will allow your kid to build a fort for himself. If he likes being the king with a colossal fort, gift him one of the best building toys for boys age 6. This toy set has 44 boards and 44 big connectors to connect the blocks and to give your child maximum capacity.

The toy set also includes an instructional manual in which the manufacturer has mentioned building plans for submarines, houses, cars, buildings, castles, and even cars. The only thing limiting your kid to build something big is his imagination. Tell him to use his imagination and watch why this toy is worth buying.

The blocks can be pulled apart easily. One snap and two blocks are separated. However, this can be a downside as well. The blocks can fall apart in an accident and cause injury to your adorable little boy. Assembling, building, and disassembling a fort is a fun kid game.

For the quality and the features, this building-blocks toy set is a bit expensive.

Code And Go Robot Mouse

Want your kid to learn basic programming? With the help of code-programmed toys and games, he can learn a thing or two. One of the best coding toys for boys age 6 is the ‘code and go robot mouse’. It is a board game that provides a coding platform for your kid to perform, play and have fun.

It converts coding into hands-on physical activity for tactile and visual learners. To code for the mouse and to help it move across the platform/game board, your son will have to learn to push the buttons. The goal of this toy is to use push buttons to make an empty way for the mouse. The winning point being is where the cheese is located.

This educational toy kit will help your son to understand the basic concepts of programming and coding. While playing this game, he will use his critical-thinking, problem-solving, and sequencing skills. Make sure you buy him this toy this holiday season. Watch him grow his physical abilities with this toy set.

The 3 AAA batteries that are required to run the mouse are not included in the pack.

WOWmazing Giant Bubble Wands Kit

6-year-old kids love blowing and popping water bubbles. The company, WOWmazing offers something hit and different from other toys. Yes, you guessed it correctly, giant bubble wands. If your little boy loves blowing and popping bubbles with his siblings, get him this for his next birthday.

The bubble pack comes with a bottle of concentrated solution for blowing bubbles, 3 giant bubble wands, and an instruction manual, just in case someone does not understand how the toy works.

Apart from the ‘how to use’ instructions for your kid, the manual also includes brief tricks on how to make bubble shapes and blow big bubbles. Not only will he improve his motor skills but will also boast about his bubble shapes in front of his friends.

Your boy would spend much of the time blowing bubbles and running after them- a perfect evening session if your boy hates participating in physical activities. As long as he has the space to blow and play with the giant bubbles, you won’t have a problem.

The only problem with this toy set is that it requires a large space and the concentrated bubble solution finishes and comes with no refill.


Toys are essential for your kid to grow and learn. A great, fun toy will inspire your kid to play more often and watch television less. With his game interests in mind, you would surely choose the best toys for boys age 6.

Let me know what you think about Toys For Boys Age 6 and which of these toys you would choose for your boy or any other toys you recommend.

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