STEM toys for girls have become a trend as most parents want their children to develop an early interest in science. Gone is those days when parents used to bring odd science kits home. All the interactive and learning kits now come under the umbrella of STEM toys for girls.

By introducing your girls to STEM toys, parents open endless paths towards science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition to coding, STEM toys for girls enhance critical problem-solving skills. STEM-related toys should be introduced as early as possible.

As the infants explore the colorful toys, they develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. Moreover, they play and learn for a cause: to pave the way towards success in the future.

Best STEM Toys For Girls

As there is a huge selection of STEM toys for girls in the market, it can be difficult choosing the right toy. However, it is crucial to consider your child’s curiosity and skill level if you want to get the right toys.

Every parent wants to inspire their child to become an engineer, a mathematician, a programmer, or an astronaut. However, the easiest way to do it is to apply logic and reason into their play.

Below are some of the best STEM toys for girls to help make your choices easier:

Think Fun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

Best Stem Toys For Girls Think Fun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game

Traffic Jam by Think Fun is one of the best STEM toys for girls ages 8 to 13. It is a great yet inexpensive choice as the game has won numerous STEM awards. For example, it has won the Oppenheim Platinum award and the MENSA select award. Moreover, it was nominated for the toy of the year award as well.

The logic game seems quite easy; however, it is based on attached sliding blocks. The player has to get the red car to the exit by using logic and reasoning skills.

Several trucks, cars, and other vehicles are blocking the road to the exit. The player, however, has to clear the path, before being able to go to the exit.

Besides, one can play this game multiple times as it is set up using a challenge card. If one cannot solve the game in time, there are solutions printed in reverse to help your child out.

Hence, the Rush Hour Traffic Jam logic game develops critical problem-solving skills. How? Well, the planning, reasoning, and plotting skills are developed in the subconscious without the player realizing it. Moreover, the game comes with 40 different challenge cards- ranging from beginner to expert level.

Botley: The Coding Robot Activity Set

Best Stem Toys For Girls Botley: The Coding Robot Activity Set

Coding has become one of the main interests for parents and children. Thus, this concept is used in a huge number of STEM toys for girls. If you are eager to introduce the basics of programming and coding to your little daughter, say no more. As, the Botley, the coding robot is there to teach your kid all she has to know.

Botley is a kid-friendly yet kind robot that uses screen-play to teach your daughter to code. Moreover, it promotes problem-solving skills and enhances critical thinking abilities in a child.

The remote programmer is intuitive yet easy to use. All your child has to do is transmit her commands and set the robot off on its course. The in-built smart logic allows it to detect objects at the front, back, left, and right. Thereby, preventing falls.

The Botley robot set comes with 27 obstacle pieces, 6 double-sided tiles, and 40 coding cards. In addition, you also get a guide so you can get started with your daughter and have endless fun.

While Botley gives a fun time to children, it will also allow them to solve challenges as they grow. The difficult challenges and the hidden features in Botley will keep your child’s interest in this toy.

With 40 additional yet challenging steps, your daughter can even code with Botley!

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Best Stem Toys For Girls Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Lego craft kit is one of the best STEM toys for girls if your children love to play with Lego. It is a budget-friendly yet intuitive toy that allows your kid to build more than 10 different machines. Moreover, your daughter can attach some moving parts and let imagination take over.

You can either program the robot to throw trash or ring a bell. You will be amazed to find out what your daughter invents in her free time.

However, the set comes with an 80-page instruction manual. So, you will have to help your kid in getting started. Moreover, the activity book includes tons of open-ended tasks so your kid can engineer her own designs.

If you want to teach your daughter simple scientific concepts, this is the kit to go for. The manual, however, is quite comprehensive and provides useful suggestions as well. For instance, it explains brick distributions and substitutions to troubleshoot and fix common problems.

It has won the NAPPA silver award as it is one of the most intuitive yet inexpensive toys for parents. The 33-piece LEGO set will have your kid working on amazing designs and ideas.

Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Best Stem Toys For Girls Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

The Gravity Maze Marble Run logic game encourages critical thinking in an intuitive yet fun way. The game includes challenges, ranging from beginner level to expert level. In comparison to other STEM toys for girls, it is quite similar to Traffic Jam rush hour. How? Well, the goal is to create a safe path to carry the marbles to the endpoint.

The Target tower is your destination and your kid has to choose the safest yet shortest path available. Once you select the challenge card, it shows you how to set up the game grid. After that, you position the towers in various ways to get to the Target Tower safely.

This game has won the Parent’s Choice Gold as well as the Toy of the year award. As it encourages kids to develop critical skills, reasoning, and visual perception skills, parents regard it as a great choice.

So, if you are looking for a STEM toy to promote stealth learning, then this one is a great choice. With an overwhelmingly positive response from parents and over 1000 positive Amazon reviews, we say it is worth every penny.

The set includes 3 marbles, 1 target piece, 9 towers along with a game grid. The high-quality components allow safe play. However, this game set is only suitable for children ages 8 and up.

Scientific Explorer: My First Mind-Blowing Science Kit

Scientific Explorer: My First Mind-Blowing Science Kit

Technology is ever-evolving and is changing the world at a fast pace. Therefore, our children need to know how STEM knowledge is applicable in real life. The concepts of STEM might be hard to understand. However, they become fun to learn with interactive toys.

This scientific kit is one of our top picks because it offers 11 different interactive STEM-related activities. It comes with 20 pieces and provides exceptional value for money.

This kit will allow your kid to carry out various scientific experiments in a fun and engaging way. For example, she can make a sunset using a test tube, a color-changing volcano, and even bright crystals. However, all scientific experiments need adult supervision.

The detailed yet colorful instruction guide will help your kid with each exciting experiment. While some experiments are designed for adults, many of them are kid-friendly and safe to carry out with an adult.

They would be able to analyze and ponder the results of each experiment. Also, the science secrets will stun your child. If you have weak concepts of several experiments, you can explore the kit with your child. This way, you will not feel under confident the next time your kid asks you something science-related.

Also, the kit has everything your kid needs to carry out experiments. However, you have to provide some household items such as pens, measuring spoons, water, and grape juice. With an adult’s supervision, your daughter can make her science lab at home.

Fisher-Price Think And Learn Rocktopus

Fisher-Price Think And Learn Rocktopus

The Rocktopus
by Fisher-Price Think and Learn series will strike a musical chord with your Rockstar daughter. Your daughter will be able to create a lot of cool tunes with 15 different musical instruments in the Rocktopus.

She can also just jam to the cool tunes. Moreover, she can change the whole tempo with a single button or differentiate between 5 music genres.

Its math setting is what makes it a good STEM toy. With this interactive toy, your kid can apply basic math skills by adding or subtracting music instruments.

Besides, this toy allows your kid to solve meaningful music challenges. It means your kid has to follow the bops to light an instrument up. To conclude, it is a great musical STEM toy, highly-recommended for children of ages 3 and up.

Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo

Want a little coding robot with a big personality for your daughter’s birthday? Anki Cozmo is an intelligent robot, powered by artificial intelligence. It can even recognize your daughter and express hundreds of emotions.

It incorporates easy games such as Keepaway and quick tap. Your birthday girl will love playing games with her robotic pal.

Moreover, she can use the in-built Cozmo programming lab. The lab set-up comes with beginner, intermediate and hard programs. This would allow your kid to dive deeper into the programming world.

While the robot is quite easy to set up, your daughter might need your help to boot it up.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

A wonderful STEM activity bundle to familiarize your daughter with basic concepts of programming and coding. The cute yet interactive dash robot responds to expressions and voice-over commands. However, there are several challenge cards to teach your kid some basic concepts of coding. Your kid can use loops, sequences, conditions, and events to instruct the robot.

The open-ended learning program that comes with the blue dash robot makes coding accessible and easy. The catapult launcher snaps to become a robot will blow your child’s mind.

Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry Kit

Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry Kit

This interesting yet inexpensive chemistry kit is suitable for children ages 8 to 12. The interesting chemistry kit includes a list of experiments with real lab equipment for your kid. It has everything your kid needs to learn about molecular motions, chain reactions, chemical reactions, and much more.

The notebook in the foundation kit contains tons of facts, quizzes, experiments, and assignments to engage your kid. This will keep your girl busy for hours, especially if she is into chemistry and science.

However, you might run out of supplies and have to run to the store to get some!

Build And Bloom Building Set By Learning Resources

Build And Bloom Building Set By Learning Resources

The flower game set comes with a whopping total of 117 pieces shaped like flowers, stems, garden critters, gears, cranks, and more. While the parts are made of high-quality plastic, all of them are interchangeable. This way, young girls can create cranks and stems to build complex garden designs.

With this kit, your kid will learn the basic concepts of mechanical engineering and how one can create a single masterpiece with tiny little blocks.

Guidecraft Grippies Builders

Best Stem Toys For Girls Guidecraft Grippies Builders

The award-winning yet interesting building set is great for toddlers. It offers open-ended activities for girls ages 18 months and up. It comes with a total of 18 pieces other than balls and a huge variety of soft plastic rods. Moreover, the balls come with 4 unique textures to develop and enhance the cognitive abilities of your child.

Your kid snaps all the pieces together to build an amazing masterpiece. Each building block has a magnetic inside so your kid can connect them easily. The little tactile exploration will teach your kid a lot of concepts.

Bottom Line

As parents, you have the opportunity to help your children explore their interests. STEM toys help your kids to explore a huge range of education and career options. While the collection of STEM toys is huge, you can shortlist them by considering your child’s interests and age. This way, you will be able to find the best ones for your adorable daughter.

Let us know what you think about Best STEM Toys For Girls and which of these toys you would choose for your girl and any other STEM toys you recommend.

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