Artificial intelligence and all other new technology make the transformers truly interesting. It is so much fun for the kids to watch something transform. With time, technology is rapidly changing. For this very reason, toys have changed as well. We shall now discuss Smart Transformer Toys For Your Kid.

In this era, when everyone is after innovation, it is basic we make changing, inviting, and intelligent toys. Transformer toys are an example of engaging tech toys that support youthful personalities and innovation.

Today, multiple high-end toy-making studios are knocking out ultra-powerful transformer toys. Here are some of our favorites among the incredible transformer toy sets available today:

Masterpiece Megatron

Transformer Toys Masterpiece Megatron

Long gone are those days when children bought robots that only turned into German handguns. These robots were quite the perfect replicas of German toys. Masterpiece Megatron is definitely extraordinary as the modern leader of team Decepticon is for grown-up kids. However, the three-figure price tag might scare you. But it is worth buying if you want a special piece for your transformer toys collection.

In return for the price, you will get lots of articulation and accurate reproduction of the anime movie villain, Megatron.

Moreover, the interchangeable faceplates and a whole collection of weapons are what every buyer is always excited about. Click on the Amazon link and have a look at Megatron’s face. You would be amazed to see how it is ready to commit crimes on Earth.

Combiner Wars Victorian

Transformer Toys Combiner Wars Victorian

Hasbro is quite interesting in pleasing the dedicated Transformer community fans. Therefore, they are still putting new action figures and characters in the market for them. One of the latest action figures from the transformer toys collection is the Combiner Wars Victorian.

Although the character was first introduced in the comics series IDW, Hasbro still managed to produce it for the fans. However, it is a girl robot and mostly attracts female fans in the community.

Another interesting yet incredible fact about this masterpiece is it was designed and created in a different manner. While Hasbro started a fan poll, the fans decided on her design, weaponry, and color scheme. Moreover, the molds and parts were still decided by Hasbro’s production experts.

What is the end result? Well, one of the incredible transformer toys that stands a foot and half tall. This girl robot is ready to fight the bad boys on Earth.

Titans Return Soundwave

Transformer Toys Titans Return Soundwave

The technology we see in transformer movies seems so outdated yet it still remains new to us. How many of your kids know about a sound box or a sound tote? I am surprised we have not come across a robot that changes its voice. However, we have Amazon Echo, which is somewhat similar.

Back in the days when transformer toys were the favorite of every kid, this toy made an incredible success. It was the coolest yet one of the strongest monotone jam boxes which came with tons of cronies and assistants.

However, the manufacturer found inspiration from Headmasters. The following transformer toys collection, the Titan return series was incredibly famous back in the day.

Moreover, the toy comes with a blaster rifle, cassette pal, and a changing face of the soundwave.

Masterpiece Bumblebee

Transformer Toys Masterpiece Bumblebee

The kids and adults were pretty down yet amazed to see the solo appearance of Bumblebee in a movie. However, the truth is, our hearts still belong to the classics. That is why, kids do like the revised version of our favorite Autobots, Bumblebee.

Although the G1 wave had us playing with tiny transformer toys, the matchbox or toy car-sized series was not interesting. For that very reason, the manufacturer, another time decided to highlight details by improving its design.

The modern re-imaging of Bumblebee puts it in a good position in the market. Moreover, this upgrade scales him to the size of other big transformer toys and cars. Hence, the end result of the upgrade production is quite cool and interesting for Transformer fans.

Siege Hound

Siege Hound

Transformers are a lot like Pokémon, only with more technology and power. While it is fun to complete your collection, you can never get too much of them. There are so many of them that everybody has their favorites.

Another famous yet strong transformer is the Siege Hound. However, it does not look as cool as today’s re-imaged Autobots. Why? Well, it has an 80’s style with fewer weapons.

But the latest take of Hasbro on the G1 collection has made the fans quite happy. All the robots in this collection stand 5.5 inches tall with smooth yet clear transformations.

Moreover, the multiple ports of Hound are to incorporate the interesting yet powerful COMBAT system. This allows the player to attach different weapons and bombs in different locations.

Flame Toys Drift

Flame Toys Drift

Although the Flame drift is based on the IDW comics’ series, it has made its way to the hearts of the die-hard fans. On a lighter note, you should read the IDW comics series if you have not already. The comic has some most amazing yet interesting transformers ever.

Flame Drift is made of top-notch plastic and is about 8 inches tall. Moreover, the die-cast metal on its body for power and stability is to die for.

Drift is a former member of the Decepticons who turned out to be on the transformers’ side when things got bad. The frame of the toy is quite amazing yet poseable. You can even use the cape and change it by shifting some internal wires here and there. The mega-dramatic posing is what takes our breath away. While the Drift does not transform in any way, you could still praise its die-cast metal and cape.

Optimus Prime From The Studio Series

Optimus Prime From The Studio Series

Over the last 3 decades, the leader of Autobots, Optimus Prime has gone through much. The toy has evolved so much even we forgot to keep track. But his latest appearances (just like in the Bumblebee movie) have him returned to his classic color theme. The color combination of silver, red and iconic blue is what he deserves.

The Optimus Prime from Studio series is based on the movie, Bumblebee. It boasts an insane number of transformations and detail. You would be amazed to check out the attached windshield wipers.

And, let us not forget about the poses of the toy that comes with the San Francisco backdrop.

Masterpiece Starscream

Masterpiece Starscream

Takara Tomy’s Starscream is quite the masterpiece in the market. The toy has the character’s original design and is incredible. Moreover, its unique features and quirky yet quick transformations are plus points.

It has the built-in functionalities of Megatron as he abandoned the Decepticons. He later took the position as a high chancellor in Cybertron’s team.

For this very reason, the toy comes with a cape and a crown. Although he is from the opposite team, all the fans will remember him because he had his moments of triumph and victory as well.

Grimlock From Generations Power Of The Prime’s Voyager Class

Grimlock From Generations Power Of The Prime’s Voyager Class

The transformer universe is quite incomplete without Dinobots. The Grimlock is one of the strongest transformers to work for Optimus Prime. It has all the alt modes. But still, he chose to be a mighty warrior and rules the Earth for years by turning into a reptile. These 5 massive reptiles, however, ruled the Earth before humans were born.

Moreover, they did not care about other bots. GrimLock was the leader of these bot reptiles. He often fought Optimus Prime when it came to Autobots.

The cartoon of Transformers portrayed them as undefeatable yet unstoppable characters. They would wreak havoc, even in the universe if left unchecked by Optimus Prime.

Even though the producer had made only a few improvements, we still love their design and powerful forces.

Masterpiece Star Saber

Masterpiece Star Saber

There are a lot of Autobots and not all fans know everything about every bot. Similarly, we do not know much about Star Saber. Except he has a cool yet retro style with an iconic color combination of red and blue.

He is often called by the name, ‘Brain Masters’, and the Autobot dates back to the early 1800s. Furthermore, he is known as the greatest swordsman in the Autobots universe. Some fans might make fun of him but he is truly a character. He has strong ulterior motives to always win as a warrior.

The modern line of Star Saber had smaller figures and are often called ‘Brains of Courage’. The toy comes with a sword, shield, and the iconic cockpit.

G1 Ultra Magnus Figure

G1 Ultra Magnus Figure

What is the point of having a transformer toy that does not transform? One of the coolest yet the most transforming transformers is the Ultra Magnus figure from G1’s collection. It was a special edition and only 500 of them were released in the market.

It was first seen in the classic Transformer movie and is one of the prospective leaders of the Autobots. It has 59 points of articulation and is as tall as 16 inches.

The die-cast metal from the late 1800s is used to enhance its features. Further, the illuminating features (LED-operated) include a blaster rifle and a Matrix chamber. Obviously, he cannot turn into a truck like the real ones in the movie. However, its functionalities will win your heart.

Fortress Maximus From Transformer Generations Titans Return

Fortress Maximus From Transformer Generations Titans Return

He is one of the giant transformers from Titans. It stands 2 feet tall and boasts a titan figure. Further, the toy pack comes with labels, stickers, collector cards, and other accessories to prepare your robot. The sound and light components of this toy are amazing. It is quite durable; however, the size is very large for kids.

Sideswipe By Transformers Studio Series

Sideswipe By Transformers Studio Series

Sideswipe made its appearance on the live-action Transformer movie, ‘Dark of the Moon’. The action figure comes with 4 types of accessories. Moreover, you will get an illustrated backdrop- a scene from the movie to add realistic features.

The backdrop is quite amazing yet useful because it allows kids to pose and re-imagine the situations. All you have to do is change the poses and you are good to play on the battlefield.

The tall figure transforms into a Corvette Stingray by Chevrolet.

However, transforming the action figure takes 18 steps. Hence, a kid might need an adult’s supervision to handle things.

Boulder The Construction Bot By Playskool Heroes Transformers

Boulder The Construction Bot By Playskool Heroes Transformers

is based on the animated Transformers show in which the Autobots’ mission was to rescue the humans. One great thing about this masterpiece is it only takes one step to convert into a car. The simple conversion and less complex process make it an ideal toy for kids. Furthermore, you can also attach the drilling accessory to the action figure’s arm.

However, the size is quite small in comparison to other Autobot figures.

Dinobot Snarl By Transformers Generations

Dinobot Snarl By Transformers Generations

came way before Optimus Prime and is known for changing himself into a dinosaur. With 13 easy steps, you can change the action figure into a stegosaurus dinosaur. Moreover, the action figure comes with a cool yet intriguing weapon and armor accessory. Your kid can either play with it in the dinosaur mode or the original mode.

Another advantage of this toy is you will also get a collector card. However, the packaging is not that appealing as usually expected by fans.

Medix- The doctor Bot By Playskool

Medix- The doctor Bot By Playskool

is the main character of the Autobot’s rescue team. As the name suggests, the bot turns into an ambulance in a single step. The vehicle is an ambulance because Medix is a doctor in the anime show.

With one button, you can change Medix into an ambulance and enjoy it while the transformation lasts. Another benefit of this toy is your kid can play with it like any other toy car.


While some transformers figure toys are ideal for kids, others are complex and are better suited for teenagers. They have non-removable parts and amazing mechanisms. That is why they are ideal for children and teenagers as well.

How helpful did you find Smart Transformer Toys For Your Kid? What are your thoughts regarding this subject? Please leave them below:

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