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Pokémon has carried its vibe, and still, it is liked by people. Considering the hype of Pokémon, the Pokémon online games have the same hype among people of any age. Pokémon is basically a small cube cartoon character that is extremely adorable yet very powerful.

It is something about the Pokémon games that players always come back to play it repeatedly. This has kept the franchise making more and more games to add to this Pokémon world. As for Pokémon games online, there are dozens of games available. Pokémon games online free are available on Nintendo, Pokémon websites, or in the form of fan-made MMO. The world of Pokémon is so vast, so we have selected a few games that are the best Pokémon online games. Each one of them is a great start if you are new to the Pokémon world into Pokémon games.

  1. Pokémon X and Y

Pokémon X and Y

The Pokémon X and Y is for Nintendo 3DS. It is available as a Pokémon online game on Nintendo. It was introduced in the sixth generation of Pokémon. Allowing you to have a full 3D visual experience for the first time in a Pokémon game, and you can customize your character’s appearance.

Other features in this game are that you can temporarily evolve your Pokémon onto a flying Pokémon who is more powerful. There is Horde Encounters, where you can take five Pokémon’s at a time.

  1. Pokémon Fire Red And Leaf Green


The Pokémon Fire red and leaf green is also known as the Pokémon FireRed version. If you are familiar with the basic Pokémon games online free, then you must know this as the Japan red and blue Pokémon. It is the updated version of that game. It was released back in 2004. This game’s basics are the same as the previous version, though it has a better user interface and up to 350 Pokémon.

  1. Pokémon Emerald Version

Pokémon Emerald Version

Not only the emerald version, has it had ruby and sapphire version released at the same time. The biggest difference in this game is that it has 365 Pokémon. All of them are more powerful than they ever were. If you look for generation 3 Pokémon games online, the emerald version of Pokémon is the best. There is a more evolved version of the previous two. There are more story elements to it, and each Pokémon is more updated. It not only pays specific attention to the species overall but also to each member of the species. You can play it on a switch or Nintendo 3DS.

  1. Pokémon Snap (N 64)

Pokémon Snap (N 64)

If you are already related to the Pokémon world, then it is a hit of nostalgia for you, and if you are new to this, you must start off with this game. It is one of the OG games of all the Pokémon games online free. It was released at a time when the graphics of games were not so good, and this game completely rattled the market. Though it works with the basic yellow Pikachu Pokémon, there is a feature that you can take a picture of Pokémon whenever you see one. Hence, the name, Pokémon snaps. There are amazing speed and visuals. Other than that, its small, interesting levels keep you engaged.

  1. Pokémon Stadium (N 64)

Pokémon Stadium (N 64)

Pokémon Stadium is one of the top-selling games in the history of Pokémon games. It is quite old, but it’s a game strategy, and battlefield trainers after trainers are what kept the hype of the game for so long. Even now, if you try this game, I can assure you that you will be hooked on this game. Its focus is on the battlefield and wars. You must pave your way through the stadium cups going over the stadium. The multiplayer experience in which you can compete with your friends was what made it more stimulating.

Pokémon Platinum

Pokémon Platinum

Pokémon Platinum is the enhanced version of Pokémon pearl and diamond. It is genuinely the best Pokémon games online. Its evolution is in the true sense. The basic strategy is the same that you get to compete with certain Pokémon, and one wins on the battlefield. The main difference is the larger area, including mountain bodies, snowy places, water bodies, and grasslands. You can record your battles while playing the game and then share it on the internet. One thing that I found most interesting in this game is its Wi-Fi plaza. There are small online games where up to 20 players can participate.

  1. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver (DS)

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

It is one of the games that I personally liked, but most people thought that it was the same as Pokémon gold and silver. Though it is almost the same, it has a better Wi-Fi user interface. As far as the other features are concerned, they are almost the same. But even then, the original Pokémon Gold and silver was a good game. You can decide for yourself once you play both.

Pokémon MMOs

Pokémon MMOs

Now when talking about Pokémon, the games online, or Pokémon games online free, how can one miss out on MMOs. MMO stands for massively-multiplayer online. The Pokémon Go game has gained very much hype over time, so the fans made their versions of Pokémon games online where they can interact with trainers worldwide. The Pokémon MMOs are a newer concept, and they have been quite successful so far.

So if you are looking for Pokémon games online free, then Pokémon MMOs are ideal for you. Here I have shared a few of my favorite ones from the MMOs made by fans.

  1. Pokémon Revolution Online

Pokémon Revolution Online

When it comes to MMOs Pokémon revolution online is the best one so far. It is the closest to the real one experience. I assure you that this game will keep you hooked for hours. The soundtrack, graphics, and every detail from weather change to mapping give you the real game’s feel. It has a very well laid plot and a huge map. You can play it as a player vs. player match in this game as well as go on scavenging for yourself through the area. Another plus point of this game is that you will get free updates as you will go on progressing in the game.

  1. Pokémon World Online

Pokémon World Online

It is one of the oldest Pokémon games online. Though it is quite old, it has great graphics and visuals along with game strategy, whi3. PokeOnech keeps it the choice of many people still. In it, you can customize your own world according to what suits you so that you can focus more on the battle rather than the surroundings. It has more calculated gameplays and a user interface, which keeps you entertained throughout.

  1. PokeOne

PokeOne  It is one of the latest addit

It is one of the latest additions to MMOs. It has so far been the best one, and hopes are high for this in the future. It is from the manufacturers of another MMO game, Pokémon revolution online. It has fun tournament sand events as you move on with the game. You can also interact with the trainers online.

  1. Pokémon legends

Pokémon legends

Pokémon legends have the same interface as the original Pokémon game. You do not have to download the entire game; you can play in on your browser. You just have to sign up, and you can join the community. There are tournaments every hour that let you win different prizes. Another exciting feature is that you can auction your Pokémon, and you can purchase it from others as well. This trade is a new feature that is exclusive to this one.

  1. Pokémon Pets

Pokémon Pets

Pokémon pets are since 2014, and this might have an old-school vibe, but trust me, it has added so many features to it over time. So, it maintains the standard of all the MMO games mentioned here. I have tried it myself, and it served the test of time.

If you do well, you can rank in the top players of the Pokémon pet’s leader board. Some daily battles and rewards test your skills and make the game more engaging. Another thing that time has added to it is that there are 2500 Pokémon in it until now. Some fakemons are not the original Pokémon but added by the Pokémon pets’ community. These are customized Pokémon.


Pokémon has that nostalgic factor to it, so it automatically links you to the game. If you are new to this Pokémon world, you should explore more, and I’m sure you will not get your eyes off the game. I’ve mentioned a few games that I liked the most. You can play them on Nintendo. These are the best Pokémon games online. If you are looking for Pokémon games online free, then the MMO games of Pokémon go are the best option. They do not cost you a penny, and you can enjoy the complete Pokémon experience online.

Do try these for yourself and let me know which one you liked the best

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