Dungeons and Dragons 5E was released in 2014 by Wizards of the coast. As far as the strategic depth and rules are concerned, the difficulty level is medium. Even so, it is daunting to learn how to play dungeons and dragons online as it is a role-playing game. Besides, learning how to play tabletop RPGs online is a task itself. Whether you are interested in fancy yet mechanics-heavy tabletop RPGs or storytelling RPGs for beginners, we have got you covered.

What Are The Different Options To Play Dungeons And Dragons Online?

In addition to other tabletop RPGs, there are loads of options to play dungeons and dragons online. Moreover, several tabletop RPGs are free to access and boot. However, your selection of tabletop RPG depends on the game features and presentation you are after. With our guide, you will be ready to play dungeons and dragons online while not spending a penny.

Let us move forward to what you need to play dungeons and dragons online:

Virtual Tabletops

Dungeons Dragons Online Virtual Tabletops

Virtual tabletop is an online platform that allows you to access custom tokens and battle maps. You can have fun with your friends while visualizing your battle strategy.

Video And Voice Chat

With a messenger app, a webcam, and a microphone, you can play dungeons and dragons online, with your friends. However, I prefer using responsive chat apps like Discord, Google Hangout, or Skype.

Are There Other Tabletop RPGs To Play Dungeons And Dragons Online?

Numerous tabletop RPGs will help you enter the next campaign. However, you should know how to download them for free.

Why Should I Use Chat Applications And Virtual Tabletops To Play Dungeons And Dragons Online?

If you like to play any RPG or dungeons and dragons online, I suggest you use chat apps like Skype. Why? Because apps like Google Hangouts and Discord have virtual chat rooms. Therefore, you can meet your new gaming folks and play as a group.

Although these applications lack gubbins and interactive yet comprehensive battle maps, they are simple. Moreover, chat rooms are the easiest way to take a role-playing game online.

Are There Any Complex Virtual Tabletop RPG Tools?

I would certainly introduce complex yet fancy tabletop RPG tools like Fantasy Grounds and Roll20. With these fancy tools, you can access player tokens, maps, digital dice, and guidebooks. Moreover, you will have access to a lot of assets and supplements from the tabletop’s host.

If you want an ultimate experience while playing dungeons and dragons online, complex RPG tools are your way to go.

Are PC Apps Used to Play Dungeons And Dragons Online?

PC apps are quite responsive and can be used to create your virtual space. However, it is the most complex way to play your favorite game.

Now we have discussed the options, let us move to the game itself:

How To Play Dungeons And Dragons Online?

Dungeons Dragons Online Virtual Tabletop RPG Tools

All you need is a semi-decent mobile device or a computer, a webcam, and a microphone to play dungeons and dragons online. With these tools, you will be able to continue your campaign regardless of where you are.

Voice And Video Chat Platforms To Play Dungeons And Dragons Online

As long as you have the means to communicate with your group, you can survive the game without any fancy integration. To commence the game, you will need a decent yet responsive chatroom, a virtual dice, and a microphone. Moreover, you can install a webcam if you wish to see other players. For the better part of the game, you will be voice and video chatting and might require chat support.

Video chat apps are best when it comes to playing the game online. You get to see the battle and face the brave yet talented players on your side. However, you can always switch to voice chats if you have slower internet or a poor connection.

As long as you are fine with not recreating battles, you will be fine with voice and video chat apps. However, you will not be able to access terrain, miniatures, or anything more complicated than dice.

What Is The Best Voice/Video Chat Platform For Me?

Here is a good option for beginners:

Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is a popular yet free video and voice chatting platform with a low complexity level. Apart from taking classes, it is best for sharing maps, Google drive integration, text, video, and audio chat. Moreover, you can share all RPG assets through Google Hangouts.

It is quite intuitive yet fast as compared to Discord. Unlike the other platforms, it does not have static video chat options. It means the camera will focus on whoever speaks. However, you have to choose the options to pin to a single person at a time.

Although it is simpler than compared to Discord, it lacks some advanced features. For instance, you will not be able to enjoy the music integration.

However, you can share assets without leaving the window. This will allow you to share maps easily.

Virtual Tabletops For Dungeons And Dragons

Virtual Tabletops For Dungeons And Dragons

If you are looking for a seamless yet immersive gaming experience online, a virtual tabletop is your best option. Virtual tabletops are online platforms that provide battle maps while you continue the campaign. Those maps represent all the imaginary spaces you have been in. Moreover, the maps show other features, characters, and even tokens to enhance the experience.

Several virtual tabletops consist of official support as well. That being said, you can play the game and access as many scenarios, accessories, and books as you like. Besides, you can use other tabletop RPGs, such as Call of Pathfinder and Cthulhu.

Furthermore, you can create custom handouts, tokens, maps, and a pre-built module, all thanks to virtual tabletops,

What Are The Best Virtual Tabletops For Me?

Here are my top favorite virtual tabletops with easy integration:


roll20 call of pathfinder

If you want a virtual tabletop with free, fast, and custom modules, Roll20 is your best pick. When it comes to its price, it is free but with advertising. However, they offer premium plans that start from about $6 to $8 a month.

Even though the complexity level is medium, it is best for playing dungeons and dragons online. One advantage of this virtual tabletop is it comes with official support for the following game, Call of Pathfinder and Cthulhu.

What Is Good about Roll20?

Roll20 is one of the most popular virtual tabletops and simulators to play your favorite game. While playing, it presents a full map and a variety of modules. Furthermore, it represents a virtual space where you can see your characters, assets, accessories, and other features.

Roll20 gives you excellent yet tangible visual cues as you have a grid to calculate space and distance during play. You can use a huge selection of paid maps, create your own or import it, all thanks to the app.

As it has a storytelling-interface, you can switch the maps between plays and even create unlimited maps.

Monsters, non-players, and players are represented by tokens. You will see small pictures as characters. Good thing is, you can move them around the map and continue your game.

When it comes to other features, I will not hesitate to mention the character sheet support and digital dice rollers.

How Do I Use Roll20?

The best part about using Roll20 is you do not have to create everything from scratch. If you are willing to pay for thrilling adventure modules, you will have handouts, maps and tokens to get started.

As for music, it is built-in to Roll20. However, it is integrated with Soundcloud but anything to help you win with a good atmosphere will do. If you have a premium Spotify plan, you can integrate it with Roll20 and access all the songs.

What Is The Downside Of Roll20?

One disadvantage of Roll20 is the virtual tabletop glitches. However, the fact you will not have to download it makes up for that pretty much.

Fantasy Grounds

fantasy grounds dungeons and dragons

How about a virtual tabletop where you can create your own rules? No one does this better than the in-depth Fantasy Grounds. Even though its complexity level is medium to high, you can create a tailored campaign. With in-depth personalization and your own rule sets, you will rule over Dungeons and Dragons online.

What Is Good About Fantasy Grounds?

Fantasy Grounds is a popular yet in-depth virtual tabletop that has been around for a decade. However, you have to gain an individual license to program the campaign. You can purchase the monthly subscription and enjoy maps, tokens, and battlefields. Unlike Roll20, it is an application that you purchase from a PC gaming stream.

The virtual tabletop supports a huge variety of rule sets, including the older and current editions of many games. For example, Savage World, Call of Pathfinder, and Dungeons & Dragons.

When we speak of extensive personalization options, Fantasy Grounds stands tall and beats all. Moreover, you can save your time and effort by investing in pre-built adventures and maps.

As I have command in using Fantasy Grounds, I can create battle maps and add various players. Furthermore, I can move them around on the map and even initiate a battle with monsters. You can either import the characters for free or purchase them from the Stream store.

To spice things up, you can use secret rules, master rules, descriptions, and handouts to make sessions seamless and immersive. For instance, it has built-in dice rolling feature, unlike Roll20.

How Do I Use Fantasy Grounds?

Unfortunately, Fantasy Grounds does not have an in-built chat platform. Therefore, you have to integrate video and audio support by integrating Hangouts or Discord.

In addition, users can modify rule sets and create their tabletop RPGs by scripting tools. For anyone finding a virtual tabletop to build from scratch. Fantasy Grounds is a nice pick.

What Is The Downside Of Fantasy Grounds?

Every player needs a subscription to play dungeons and dragons on Fantasy Grounds. So, it is right to say that it is among the more expensive options to play the game. You will not find free content on this virtual tabletop, unlike Roll20.

Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator dungeons and dragons

Want the gaming space of your dreams? Say no more as I bring you the Tabletop Simulator. Build your virtual tabletop and play with pride. It has a high complexity level and for a very good reason. It is designed for the players who want a tabletop full of objects, characters, features, accessories, and tokens.

The Tabletop Simulator provides a table of your choice alongside a virtual space. Think of it as a sandbox. You can add anything, do anything and boot any token. With all the components and objects on top, all you need is to stimulate the big table.

If you love a tabletop with terrain, miniatures, and wide options to move around the objects, this pick is for you.

What Is Good About Tabletop Simulator?

The simulator package comes with classic board games like chess and backgammon. You can download and enjoy the best board games of the century. I personally like playing Scythe and Wingspan. However, there are many board games available on the Tabletop simulator.

Apart from being the best simulator to play board games, it is ideal for playing dungeons and dragons. Technically, you can play any RPG involving bits, pieces, terrain, and miniatures.

It lets you add everything in the sandbox, including individual miniatures, maps, and even the dice. However, you have to source the maps from RPG’s book. Thanks to the basic miniature set of tabletop RPGs, you can play with simple terrain and basic miniatures.

How Do I Use Tabletop Simulator?

You will need several markers, a map, polyhedral dice, character sheets and miniatures to get started. Add all of them into your virtual space and enjoy with your friends.

What Is The Downside Of Tabletop Simulator?

As its complexity level is high, you will need a bit of patience to learn how to play.

Conclusion- Where Do I Find Tabletop RPGs?

Whatever tabletop RPG you are looking for, you need the right tools and a couple of friends to make your gaming experience worth it.

Let us know in the comments section below how did this article on How Can I Play Dungeons Dragons Online help you to get started.

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  1. Hello there! I have heard of dungeons and dragons before but I actually didn’t have the opportunity to play with it unfortunately. I have heard of how fun it was and also how time consuming it can be (like how it can take several weeks to complete a play). Interestingly, I have actually never seen how the gameplay was like until I watched Stranger Things. Based on that, the game seems like it can get really intense. I had no clue that this game could be played online though, seems like it may save some hassle with all the different pieces involved (and also allows for social distancing during this time of COVID). Thanks for creating this post!

    1. D&D has been around for years.  It is an exciting way to pass the time and being able to play online makes it easier.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I LOVE this!!! I love how the site is decorated in a fun type way. All playful and enjoyable using eye candy to attract different users! I also love how well and in-depth you explained how you can use the virtual tabletops, and different applications to use, all of it was very useful!👍 And, to be honest, I am interested in D&D too!😎

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