We have entered 2021 with high hopes and expect it to be better than last year. With high hopes for the new year, it is time to show gratitude and love for our family members. As coronavirus has put everything on hold, we can no longer host birthday parties or tea clubs for children. However, we can still appreciate our little ones by surprising them with the best toys and gifts of 2021.

If you are a parent, you must be searching for the best toys and best gift ideas for your kid’s birthday. Best toys and best gift ideas might seem expensive yet they make your children happy.

Best Toys And Best Gift Ideas For Children Of All Ages

It is 2021 and there are so many impressive toys that respond to your kid’s voice, touch, and action. But children tend to get tired of playing with one toy. Therefore, they need to have new toys more often so they can collect and build a whole army of toys.

When talking about the best toys and best gift ideas, we have a lot of options to choose from. For instance, you can get your kid cute barbie dolls, a code bot, a drone, or even a VR scooter. There are no limits when it comes to the best toys and best gift ideas.

Here are some interesting yet best toys and best gift ideas to surprise your kid:

Learn A New Trick- Juggling For The Complete Klutz

Juggling Klutz are Best Toys and Gifts

While this toy has stock issues, it is a popular choice among parents. For 15 dollars, you get 3 beanbags along with an instructional manual. The cube-shaped beanbags seem quite simple; however, your kid can throw them in the air and learn to juggle.

While you look for another toy to invest in, let your kid juggle the beanbags in the air for months. As the toy teaches us a skill, children never get tired of it. Needless to say, your boy will become a proficient juggler in a matter of months.

Children ages less than 6 are not ready to take the juggling challenge. However, it is an engaging toy for children above 6 years old.

The clear-cut instructions are easy to understand while the beanbags have a strong grip. If you are looking for an interactive yet useful toy to improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination, it is your best option.

Although juggling is a popular birthday trick, only a few know how to do it. But your kid can come into the spotlight at a birthday party by showing his cool juggling skills.

Code Like A Pro- ThinkFun Potato Pirates

Code Like A Pro- ThinkFun Potato Pirates Is A Best Toys And Gifts

The wacky yet cut card game looks like it is encouraging the 2 adorable kids to a battle. It does not only expend a kid’s energy at the right place but also teaches them about fundamental programming.

While each player has his ship, there are other potatoes on the list too. The players or the captains control their team using the pirate ships. While the players take turns picking up a card, parents enjoy watching their cute kids play. One game takes a lot of time. However, players look for a ‘king of potato’ card to play a programming function.

For instance, there are 3 examples you should consider. There are 3 types of actions a potato king can take- mashing (destroying), roasting, and frying.

Most kids who have played with this toy previously were quite amused. While the card urges them to commence the game, the battle allows them to go for another round. Consequently, it was awarded as one of the best engineering toys of 2019.

Play With Ultra-Creative Clay- Hey Clay Aliens

Play With Ultra-Creative Clay- Hey Clay Aliens Best Toys And Gifts

Ultra-creative clay has become the favorite of many parents. Although there are other options, it is the monster theme that attracts everyone. You can opt from 3 versions- the monsters, the aliens, and the animals.

Your child can commence the molding mania by using all 18 cans of multi-colored yet delightful clay. With the help of a simple yet fun instructional app, they can create figures of aliens, monsters, and even animals.

However, you have to teach your kid some useful techniques, such as how to introduce volume and texture. Moreover, the clay figures dry within 24 hours. So, after a day or so, you have a dried-out figure. Your children can display or play ghost games with them.

Not to forget, they are excellent to take and pack while traveling. The artistic expansion of the toy is phenomenal. However, it comes with a serious warning. If you have opened a clay pot, it is best to use it all within 3-4 days. Or else, it will dry out. Your kid will not be able to play with it again.

Complete A Sticky Challenge- Melissa And Doug Suspend Family Game

Melissa And Doug Suspend Family Game Best Toys And Gifts

For $13, you will get one of the simplest toys for your family. Generally, parents choose simplicity over functionality when it comes to preparing for the best toys and best gift ideas. Melissa and Doug’s suspend family game
was even recommended by Bay Area Museum’s on-site head.

What is the game plan? Well, the players take turns to place bent metal rods while balancing them on one another. The thin metal rods come in a wide variety of lengths and colors.

Roll the dice and you will know which color you must use for the first time. Consequently, you end up building a delicate yet satisfying sculpture.

However, if you place many rods at the same angle, the whole sculpture will come crashing down. Unlike other toys, it has a satisfying end.

Be Busy In Pom-Pom Projects- Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Set

Pom-Pom Projects- Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Set

Best toys and best gift ideas do not have to be expensive. You can choose a unique gift and still make a child happy. An example of such a toy is Klutz mini pom-pom set- quite inexpensive yet best for improving motor skills. The kit lets your kid create his pom-pom mini animals. The pom-poms are made of yarn. Needless to say, they are quite soft and safe for children to play with.

The instruction book is quite easy to understand. However, you wrap the yarn around any fork to build a ball. After that, tie the 2 strings together and voila, you are done.

Moreover, you have to stick the eyes, the nose, and the lips with an adhesive. Most kids love to create their chicks and bunnies out of yarn. If your kid is fussy and needs something to cheer them up, this is a great option.

Construct A Circuit- E-Blox Circuit Blox 120

E-Blox Circuit Blox 120

For $40, an E-blox circuit set helps you to create a house or a lighthouse that actually lights up. Its latest edition, Elenco snap electric classic, is expensive as compared to the one we are talking about. However, both have almost the same features.

If you want your kid to grow up and be an engineer, this is an easy way to build interest. Now is a good time to teach him the fundamentals of electronics. The set includes easy circuit pieces with easy-to-attach components that snap together very easily.

It is one of the most recommended STEM toys for kids. Furthermore, it comes with wires, power sources, and even switches. This toy set is very similar to snap circuits. However, it resembles Lego.

If your kid is interested in exploring the fundamentals of electronics and circuitry, this is the best gift for him.

Learn Differences In Culture- Different Differentiator: An Activity Book About Skin Color

Activity Book About Skin Color

This book tackles races and cultures in the most beautiful way. Although it is an activity book for children, adults can read it to respect different races and cultures too. The producer of this book goes a little beyond taboos and addresses an issue very common in our society.

The concept of race is very critical for kids to understand. Therefore, this book talks about it in the most human way. The book has pictures of children with different skin colors, physical abilities, and bodies.

It is challenging for children to understand the concept of genes and melatonin. But this book explains it all in a kid’s language. As it is an activity toy book, it teaches the reader how to interact with people through play.

Your children can learn a lot about the rising issue and even make an inspiring anti-bullying video to spread awareness. The purpose of the book is to communicate thoughtfully while respecting other races and cultures.

Tell A Story- Dixit


A bunny game with a story-telling theme has to be one of the best toys and best gift ideas for girls. The players take game pieces formed in the shape of bunnies. The bunnies are originally from Dixit.

All the players deal with 6 big yet wordless cards with interesting and proactive illustrations. In each round, a player takes a wordless card and makes a move while reading a poem or by singing a song. However, the poem, song, quote, or word must relate to the illustration on the card. But the player has to protect the illustration at all costs. He can not reveal it. Otherwise, he is out of the game.

Going further, the other players then select cards from the stockpile that best matches the word. After that, everyone votes for the closest match. Rather than winning, Dixit is all about teaching proactivity, productivity,
creativity, and story-telling.

Play The Ball Game In The Dark- Glowcity’s Light Up LED Soccer basketball

Glowcity’s Light Up LED Soccer basketball Best Toys And Gifts

Winter nights are best to play a light basketball game. Once it gets dark, it becomes challenging for children to play their favorite sport. Yes, backyard lights help but the vision is still not clear. However, Glowcity has the solution for it.

The glow LED basketball solves the problem as it lights up from the inside. Now, your children can play as late as they want to.

DIY Marble Set- Ravensburger GraviTrax Starter Set

Ravensburger GraviTrax Starter Set

Talk about a next-level DIY marble set and Ravensburger GraviTrax’s starter kit will cross your mind. When you look at the game pieces and the structure, it looks like the set is from the future.

In this toy, your kid will have to use plastic disks and arrange them properly to build a route. The routes should belong yet complex as they are for racing purposes. It incorporates the concept of kinetics, gravity, and magnetics.

Needless to say, every boy out there will go crazy for this toy and will obsess over it. While he might not play with it every day, he will spend 5-6 hours building routes per month.

Be Smart With The Fun Watch- Verizon GizmoWatch 2

Best Toys And Gifts The Fun Watch- Verizon GizmoWatch 2

Relay and Verizon’s smartwatches are fun toys for tech-savvy kids. There are so many guides about choosing the right smartwatch for your kid. But here we are, discussing one of the best options. With Gizmowatch 2, your kid can send messages, make a phone, and keep track of time while listening to funny fart sounds.

In addition to making calls, the watch allows you to play music as well as a daily joke. Despite the watch’s high-end structure, adults call it a toy. It is more of a communication device so children can communicate with their caregivers and parents.

If you want to incorporate the concept of independence, buy him this watch and be proud of all the future ventures he is going to experience.

Take Care Of A Bird- Gotta Go Flamingo

Gotta Go Flamingo

This flamingo toy poops when kids feed it. The toy comes with a toilet. The kids feed it until the bird starts singing. That is how you know it is time for it to poop. When the bird stops singing, it means that it has pooped. Now, it is time for you to scoop and drain the magical granules.

Kids can use the granules again and again until they get tired of feeding, Sherbet, the flamingo.

Bottom Line

We love finding toys for gifts that are unusual, thoughtful, and above all, well-vetted. Kids expect to have toys as gifts from their parents and close relatives. But sometimes, the adults get overwhelmed and cannot decide what to get. We hope this guide is useful to you for that purpose.

We hope you found this article on Best Toys And Best Gift Ideas For 2021 informative! Kindly share your thoughts and what toys and gift ideas you enjoy for your child in the comment section below.

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