Is your toddler climbing furniture? Trying to crawl under chairs? Climbing all over the upholstery? If yes, do not worry as all children of this age have the urge to explore and try new things which is why we are bringing you the Best Climbing Toys For Toddlers.

As a parent, you should always give your toddler the environment to learn new skills and explore different abilities. Although parents love to play with their toddlers, there comes a time when they are tired and need rest. If you are a father/mother to an active one, running here and there, consider climbing toys for your toddler.

Climbing toys for toddlers promote hand-eye coordination and strength. Moreover, the idea of climbing is quite intriguing for a toddler. However, you have to think wisely when choosing the best climbing toys for toddlers. If, for example, you do not have a backyard, consider buying toys that can easily fit indoors.

Best Climbing Toys For Toddlers

Let’s go over some of our favorite picks of 2021:

All-Star Sports Climber (2-step)

All-Star Sports Climber (2-step) are great Climbing Toys For Toddlers

The 2-in-1 climber comes with a climbing ladder, a slide, a soccer keeper, a football toss, a slide, and a basketball hoop. The frames of most climbing toys for toddlers are quite sturdy and durable. Therefore, you can expect the same from this climber. In addition, it comes with 3 sports balls so toddlers can have another way to expend their energy.

However, it is not necessary to confine it to 1 toddler only. Your toddler’s friends can join him and have a blast. On parents love it as it builds vocabulary, language, and motor skills. Above all, it promotes brain activity and allows your toddlers to climb whenever they want to. However, it is necessary to supervise with an adult when multiple children are playing.

The bright colors of the toy are a treat to watch. While it seems like an old preschool climber, it will help your child to role-play and be creative.

However, some product testers (parents) suggest the instruction book is quite confusing. Although most pieces snap together, some pieces require drilling and that was not mentioned in the instructions. If you have a drill at home, you will be fine.

  • Good for: Children of ages 2 to 6 years

Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Monkey Bars Climbing Tower are great Climbing Toys For Toddlers

Although it is a little bit pricey, it is considered one of the best climbing toys for toddlers on Why? It is a climbing tower made exactly like a dome. The flat section at the top is for your toddler to boast after he completes the race first. Your toddler will learn to climb and grip, all while improving his balance and motor skills.

The sky is the limit when it comes to using imagination and creativity while using this climber. Yet again, it depends on your toddler and how he uses this dome and the structure to shine bright.

Besides, the frame of the climber is UV protected and easy to assemble, unlike the All-star sport’s climber. Therefore, it does not get pale under the sun. In short, it is a great investment that will keep your toddler happy for the next couple of years.

One disadvantage of the Monkey Bars climbing tower is it does not include any accessories. It is just a dome-shaped yet sturdy climbing tower that can withhold up to 150 pounds.

  • Good for: Children of ages 3 to 8 years

Pinkler Climbing Triangle And Slide

Pinkler Climbing Triangle And Slide are great Climbing Toys For Toddlers

Best climbing toys for toddlers are those you can keep in a limited space just like Pinkler’s climbing triangle slide. Even so, the structure is triangular, your kid will love to climb it as it has got rails. Moreover, each rail is painted with a different color to attract toddlers even from a mile away.

The sliding piece has rungs on its backside and is smooth from the front. Your toddler can climb and then slide using the rung. It can hold up to 132 pounds. The unique triangular design is made of wood which gives it stability. Also, you can fold it and keep it in the room to save space.

It will take up some space in your home. However, there is a smaller version available for indoors. If your toddler is young, get it. What are you waiting for?

  • Good for: children of ages ½ to 6 years

Children’s Factory Climb-And-Play 6-Piece Set Children’s Factory Climb-And-Play 6-Piece Set

Children’s factory makes the best climbing toys for toddlers, especially because they provide diverse options to choose from. Climb and play come in 3 choices and encourages toddlers to work on their motor and social skills.

However, your toddler will have to play with balance and determination. You can place it at the room’s center so the blocks do not slide or overlap.

Moreover, the product comes with a solid 2-year warranty and is made of special loop closures and hooks. Therefore, there is no need to assemble the whole climber.

However, some parents consider it an expensive choice. But rather than comparing the price, one should know each piece has a connector to make assembly easier.

  • Good for: Children of ages 8 months to 1 year

3-in-1 Jungle Gym

3-in-1 Jungle Gym

Jungle gym climber has an easy to climb section, slide, toss target, and an attached ball pit. It comes with plenty of features. Thereby, it will entertain your toddler for hours.

Very few climbing toys for toddlers become popular choices for parents and this is one of them. Children love to play with it because of the long slide.

Other than that, it provides balance, hand-eye coordination, and creativity. As the whole frame is made of plastic with interlocked tubes, parents can assemble it easily.

However, the structure is quite small as compared to other climbers on the list. Therefore, it is well-suited only for young toddlers. It can withhold up to 150 pounds and is capable to accommodate 2 toddlers.

  • Good for: Children of ages 1 to 3 years.

Climbing Play Tower With Chalkboard And Slide

Climbing Play Tower With Chalkboard And Slide


There are countless ways to play with this tower. It is the versatility that makes it one of the best climbing toys for toddlers. While the rungs are quite comfortable for the children to climb, the detachable piece can be used as a slide.

Moreover, the backside of the climber can be used as a large chalkboard where your toddler can learn to write, learn, and spell. However, you will have to attach it vertically or diagonally so it comes within the reach of the toddlers.

There is no need to buy a kitchen stool for your children when you can use this tower. The hardwood structure will keep your child safe and busy for hours. As it is compatible with Pinkler’s combing tower, it promotes balance as well as strength.

There is no need for an adult’s supervision unless you use it with Pinkler’s triangular tower.

  • Good for: Children of ages 3 years and up.

Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground

Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground

A doorway climbing unit includes a climbing rope, a ladder, some swings, rings, and trapezes. If you have no space for a large climber no worries. No need to create a whole jungle gym out there when you can create a small indoor playground.

Your child can learn to climb on the ladder or the knotted rope, right in the middle of your home. However, you will have to place all the attachments in the middle of the doorway. Therefore, this set up could interfere with your daily chores.

Another disadvantage of this indoor playground set is you can only use one attachment at a time. Hence, only one child can enjoy it at a time.

  • Good for: Children of ages 3 years and up

Swedish Wall Gym

Swedish Wall Gym

The solid yet sturdy climber is best for older toddlers. It might be a toy but the whole family can use it. Swedish wall gym consists of a trapeze, a rope, rope ladder, swing, an abs bench, and removable pull-up bars. With so many options to choose from, your child will be busy building his muscles. It can hold up to 300 pounds at a time.

This wall gym set promotes balance, climbing, critical thinking, and the show of strength. It improves your toddler’s motor skills and allows you to work out indoors.

Furthermore, you can assemble it easily as the installation process had already been done.

One disadvantage of this climber is you will have to mount it to one of your walls, be it outdoors or indoors.

  • Good for: Children and adults (of all ages)

Elephant Climber And Slide

Elephant Climber And Slide

If you want an adorable climbing tower for your dearest toddler, this elephant climber is a great option. As the steps are pretty close, it makes climbing easy for the toddlers. The slide, on the other hand, is long yet sturdy. The 3-stage design provides a lot of fun to girls.

The ring toss and basketball hoop are attached independently so your child can play in other ways too. This climber is quite affordable but there are not a lot of steps to improve your child’s motor skills.

  • Good for: Children of ages 1 to 3 years

Toddler Tunnel With Ball Pit And Tent

Toddler Tunnel With Ball Pit And Tent

The mazes of tunnels are quite enough to fill your toddler with laughter. These tunnels connect with 2 tents which can be used as ball pits. Not only will this help in your child’s cognitive development but will also promote motor skills.

You do not require any effort to assemble it as the set folds and sets open very easily. Moreover, it does not have sharp objects and is BPA and latex-free. Hence, there are little to no chances of accidents in the ball pits.

The tent comes in handy at children’s parties when all toddlers want to do is play. The vibrant yet dynamic play center stimulates active play and keeps your child busy with balls.

  • Good for: Children of ages 1 to 2 years

Lil Monkey Olympus Jungle Gym

Lil Monkey Olympus Jungle Gym

A small-sized monkey bar arrangement is attached adjacent to the slide and the steps so your toddlers can jump around. It is not too overwhelming for younger toddlers as compared to gym deluxe climbers. It is a perfect stand-between toy that promotes healthy and safe activities to build muscle and strength.

The materials used to build the toy are durable yet weather-proof. Therefore, you can keep it outside for as long as you want.

  • Good for: Children of ages up to 5 years

ECR 4 Kids Soft Zone Climb And Slide

ECR 4 Kids Soft Zone Climb And Slide

This cute beginner’s climbing set consists of 2 pieces which you can set up to convert it into a slide. The pieces are available in two different colors- blue and red. The set includes a wedge as well as a 2-step stair piece to strengthen your toddler’s muscle memory. With this set, you can help your child to get ready for climbing stairs.

Both pieces are made of foam and are very easy to manipulate. Your toddlers will face inevitable falls. Therefore, you need a smooth yet soft piece to support your child’s fall.

Moreover, the soft zone ECR climber is GG certified. Therefore, it protects your child as well as the environment.

As it measures 40x20x10 inches, it is well-suited for younger toddlers.

  • Good for: Children of ages 6 months to 1 year

Step-2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber

Step-2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber are great Climbing Toys For Toddlers

The mini, in-house playground offers a variety of features to encourage all sorts of exercises and play. It includes an outdoor swing with a climbing, wall, a ladder, a slide, and a clubhouse. Your toddler can climb there and share secrets with his friends.

Little details of the playhouse, such as the handrails and the steering wheel add to the fun and entertainment. The structure of the climber is quite sturdy and can hold up to 240 pounds.

  • Good for: Children of ages 2 years and up


Climbing toys help your toddlers tune their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Not only will your child burn off calories while playing but will develop a strong bond with his friends. We hope our top picks of 2021 have helped you in selecting the best climber for your toddler.

We hope you found this article on best climbing toys for toddlers informative! Kindly share your thoughts and what climbing toys you like for your child in the comment section below.

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