TV-inspired toy sets are one of the most quintessential toys for children. For years, children wait for their favorite toys to be launched. Even though there are countless interesting toys in the market for children, Beyblade is still a focal point for children in the summer.

Because of their tiny tops and plastic/metal bodies, they are considered somewhat ‘simpler’ than other toys. However, each TV series-inspired set is an example of a classic room toy staple. Kids love to play with them as they are competitive, colorful, collectible, and most of all, cheap enough for everyone to buy.

The logistics of this classic toy are simple to understand yet, you need to learn the right technique to win the battle. Moreover, they are long-lasting. It is compelling to see the number of children investing in a classic, old toy like this.

If you are looking for a good investment, keep moving forward and have a look at the best Beyblade toys of 2021.

Takara Tomy Burst B-148 Heaven Pegasus

With powerful stamina, it can drain the enemy’s power in one battle. It can easily outlast all your enemies regardless of their typical competition duration. As the name suggests, this toy is manufactured in Japan. Reviewers regard it as a historic, competitive, strong, and sturdy toy for children of all ages.

While the body possesses a powerful core, the edges are sharp which allows less friction and more to take over. B-148 Heaven can endure any powerful attack as the honed metallic tip provides weight balance and support. Strong defense mechanisms of the B-148 Beyblade can easily burst the other toy while keeping its structural integrity.

The prevision tip is quite resistant to attacks but the toy might lose its balance while using its tip at the top.

However, this toy still comes as an aesthetic choice rather than a practical one. Why? Because the body is fitted with yellow wings and they strike multiple times in the battle to gain recovery. Also, the low driver feature causes it to lose the battle.

If you are looking for capacity, strength, battle, and balance for a long-lasting balance, B-148 seems to be a nice choice but there’s not much you can carry in the last round.

Takara Tomy Burst GT B-155 Master Diabolos

GT B-155 Beyblade is the new, improved, and competitive version of Venom diabolos. As Venom Diabolos has received hate for its weakly-manufactured components and inferior stick driver, master diabolos are here to change it.

Regardless of the criticism, Master Diabolos is back to provide dual strength, endurance, and capacity during the battles. While it is capable of booting tops, its predecessor, Venom Diabolos was quite the opposite.

The top can change its top from offensive to defensive and can spin as a left spinning top as well as a right spinning top. The chip, which is usually utilized for orientation can also spin left and right. Moreover, a weight-mounted metal, attached to the plastic base is there to give you more heft. However, the changing weight can affect its location and center of gravity during the battle.

Additional feature includes its ability to change gears during the battle. With a high spin driver, it attacks fiercely. But, as the competition drags on, the toy becomes focused on maintaining momentum and balance throughout.

As the manufacturer has incorporated less metal in its structure, it works as a disadvantage in many ways.

Burst Evolution Single Top Pack Spryzen S2

With a solid starting top at a significantly low price, this Beyblade comes as one of the best choices for many competitors. Unlike the above Beyblade, this one is a Hasbro top. While it might not be available in Japan, you can get it easily in the United States. Even though Hasbro tops have a reputation to be of low-quality, this toy is an exception.

The lightweight top is intended to be offensive rather than defensive. Nevertheless, the manufacturer boasts about its descent speed boost and lightweight structure. The competitor can launch strategically and dart it around the stadium to outlast the enemy. However, its lightweight structure makes it vulnerable to knock-outs. Even so, metal-oriented attack tops can work in favor of the user who decides to play against the offensive.

Rubber spiked driver allows the user to play aggressively and the descent metal ring, just at the center provides balance throughout the battle.

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-142 Booster Judgment Joker

An attack-oriented design and a powerful defensive top are all you need to win the fearsome battle. While the structure is quite resistant to bursts, the multi-layer defense can dodge attack easily during the battle. With a 00 disc and judgment layer base, the offensive structure can easily take over on classic Beyblade and still manage to maintain its stamina.

The top with mounted weight is fairly enough to keep the toy suspended, however, the free-spinning base and trick driver can be customized for the battles. Its ability to shift gears mid-battle is all one needs to evade attacks and remain on the defensive side.

Rubber blades on its body do not represent a classic generation of Beyblade. Instead, they are here for a good reason, to knock out power and offer great recoil capacity.

As it has a high offensive capacity, it can cause damage if one uses it outside the stadium.

Burst Turbo Slingshock Riptide Blast Set

From season 3 battle edition, Slingshock is here to flaunt its speed and stamina. While the defense system avoids the user to knock-out, the Forneus F4 D44-aided top impacts its friction levels and causes the opponent to fall out of the stadium early.

Moreover, the manufacturer has added an element of surprise for the user. Even if you lose the battle, the slingshock line on the Beyblade bursts into pieces for a dramatic finish. With the quick mode-switching ability, you can worry less about the competition and more about keeping the balance throughout the fight.

While most sets come with a no-frills hand launcher, Turbo Slingshock has a heavy riptide launcher. It is 3 times as powerful as the basic launcher. The riptide launcher aims to provide a heavier yet powerful punch when it comes to intensity and speed. In addition to that, the power gauge on the external side allows you to measure the intensity of the sling.

One disadvantage of Slingshock is that it is less offensive than compared to other Takara Tomy Beyblade.

Takara Tomy Burst Super King B-163 Brave Valkyrie

Launched in March 2021, it is one of the potent and newest members of the Burst line by Takara Tomy. Burst Super King B-163 possesses great stamina, spin power, and a high offensive punch. As it creates a high offensive punch, it is not fair for the player to have battles with old-school Beyblade. But, as we say it, everything is fair in love and war.

All the Valkyrie additions are hefty, however, this one is the heftiest, with a heavy exoskeleton and bulky base. The narrow shaft attached to the driver provides support and makes the structure heavier than compared to other toys.

It might seem like a small change, but it can help the toy to maintain a high-speed offensive rate for a long time. Therefore, allowing B-163 to knock out its opponents without losing steam. Moreover, its unique locking design and chip core retain power, which is hard to see in other sets.

In terms of structure, B-163 has 3 rubber blades to provide capacity during the battles. The high-stamina blades manage to strike the opponent using offensive style.

The strong offensive phase is also considered a disadvantage by many players.

Takara Tomy Burst B-144 Booster Zwei Longinus

Also known as the beast of blades, it is heavy yet dense metal components make it capable of absorbing hit after hit during the battle. As compared to saturated blades out there, its light-colored material makes it a star performer.

From an aesthetic point of view, it might not please every player because the white exoskeleton looks weak in the battle. However, the use of more metal than compared to other blades make it a practical choice rather than an aesthetic one.

Furthermore, the metal base of the blade allows for more attack. It can knock out even the thickest blade with a plastic frame. Although the layers and locks are tight-fitting and provide minimal give, this blade is a hard-to-break kind of toy.

The ‘blockbuster’ structure keeps B-163 from falling apart. Players reported that it has a spin time of 1 minute which represents its shockingly high stamina and longevity. However, it has a left spinning top. So, users will have to invest in a left launcher if they do not have one.

While the blade is heavy and highly offensive, it is left-spin type, which is a disadvantage for many players.

Takara Tomy B-59 Burst Stamina Starter Zillion Zeus

Are you looking for a great top for beginners? Say no more, as with Zeus, you do not have to worry about attacking your rival blades. Specifically designed to defend itself and keep its head down, Zeus is the number one choice for many beginners. Moreover, it has a spin time of more than 120 seconds. So, it holds the battle till the end, without being overly offensive to the opponent.

The metal balls in old-school design help the blade to keep its stamina throughout while keeping its head down. Beginners are attracted to it due to its aesthetic. The edgy yet dark colors contribute to its beauty.

The balls move at the edge of the rim to maintain the blade’s speed whenever it spins at a great velocity. As Zeus slows down, after about 120 seconds, the balls move back to the center for finished final moments. The driver is quite functional yet heavy. It has a stationary ball to retain balance and maintain weight distribution.

Nevertheless, Zeus is a starter and comes with a weak top. However, the set includes a launcher and a ripcord so players do not have to worry about buying them separately.

Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-161 Booster Glide Ragnaruk

One of the latest releases by Takara Tomy, Ragnaruk booster glide is an improved version of Ragnaruk. The new and improved Ragnaruk comes with more strength and pieces. The 4 additional pieces are driver-mounted and can be used if the player wants to. One great feature of the new Ragnaruk is its single chassis. Therefore, it can be paired with all the discs in the world. Players do not have to play with a built-in disc.

The neon-tinted body makes it stand out in the battle because the color speaks for itself. Moreover, the combination of dull and neon colors makes it more appealing to beginners. The glossy flames on the border make one want to buy it as soon as possible.

The Superking chip is thinner than compared to its predecessor, however, the teeth are slightly tighter and hold the layers more closely. The increased heft accounts for an aggressive top. The driver that comes with the blade is old-school, however, you can always match it with another driver and play safe.

Takara Tomy Beyblade B-103 Screw Trident

Although it is considered an oldie now, its specs and features surprised us enough to include it in the list. The bright yellow and orange frame is well-fitted and possesses long-lasting power. Even though the main feature of Trident is longevity, it is fully equipped with mild attack components, such as the frame bump with more than 14 ridges.

The driver of the Trident is quite taller than compared to other blades. Its tallness allows it to reduce friction and harness momentum for long periods.

However, it cannot retain its balance for a long time. The players say it was specifically designed to defend itself in the stadium as it is equipped with a well-working shock-absorbing system.


All Beyblades come with special powers and disadvantages. When it comes to blades, you can never stop on one. However, collecting a series of good blades is a real win here. Therefore, make sure to check out each blade’s specs and features before you spend any money.

If you are looking for more about the Beyblade, let us know in the comment section below and we will try our best to help you!

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