When it comes to finding entertainment at home, the most underrated activity is board games. Hosting a party at home is not an easy task, especially if you have invited people of all ages. While serving them delicious food and beverages, you must make sure no one gets bored. Regardless of the number of guests, age, and place, there are always party board games liked by everyone.

From kid-friendly party board games to family arty board games for home, we have everything on the list. Keep moving to learn all about the best party board games of 2021.

Settlers Of Catan-by-Catan Studio – The Family Edition

In addition to being one of the best party games of 2021, it has been translated into more than 30 languages. Clearly, it is safe to regard it as an appealing game for a wide range of audiences. Settlers of Catan has an adventure theme to it. Moreover, it requires multiple players at once to battle and accumulates all the resources. Thereby, building big settlements on Catan island. The player with the biggest settlement wins the game and hence, sits on the throne.

While it might seem like a small adventure, the board itself consists of 19 hexagonal tiles. Besides arranging the tiles randomly at the beginning of the game, each person gets a color-coded settlement. It means that he or she gets all the same-colored city pieces, roads, and settlements. As the game moves forward, players earn victory points and build enormous structures.

Collect 10 points in the game and you win, yet the other 3 players keep playing to secure 2nd, 3rd and 4th
positions. Furthermore, the game relies solely on tactical decision-making and critical thinking. While the competition is tough, it pits all the players against the game.

Even so, it is one of the best party board games for all ages, the manufacturer suggests players be more than 8 years old. However, pairing adult players with children works well.

Czech Games Codenames

One of the most popular among the best party board games is Codenames. While it is described as a social work game in Czech, it has received a lot of praise from critics. It is addicting as well as unique. Apart from the single-player mode, you can play codenames with all your family members.

As the game is capable of accommodating many people, no one at your home will be left out. However, the players must divide themselves into teams. While it is open for players of all ages, the manufacturer suggests picking players older than 10.

In contrast to the settlers of Catan, it is a team-based board game where players try to identify their secret agents. Although each team gets multiple clues from the Spymaster, it is a thrilling game, that cannot easily be won.

As the board game is thrilling, mysterious, and easy to play for many people, reviewers have called it an awesome time-pass at parties. If you must pick up one from all the best board games, let it be Codenames.

Days Of Wonder: Ticket To Ride

Finally, the game we were waiting to write about. Days of Wonder was awarded Gamer’s Awards in the year 2005. It is no doubt why it is included on our list of the best party board games. All adults love the cross-country adventure that the game offers. However, to win the game, you require a sharp strategy and critical thinking. As the rules are slightly complex, it is best if the adults play it.

Codenames are all about guessing agent names, whereas the goal of this game is to build train tracks in North America. Consequently, the player who builds the longest train tracks across the country wins and claims points.

The game plan includes a universal strategy. Nevertheless, players from across the world use different strategies. Each game feels exciting and unique. However, the game is a little too long and lasts for about 30 minutes. You should have enough time on your hands to play several rounds. Even so, the game can go for hours, if the opposing players are tough.

While it requires a great strategy to win, it is one of the best party board games for those who have little patience. In addition to that, it comes in a wide variety of themes and age levels for those not wanting an advanced game. Long story short, it accommodates all crowds.

Z-Man Games Pandemic

Looking for one of the best party board games with high stakes? Let us introduce you to Z-man Games Pandemic. Although the game requires a high degree of communication, prioritization, creative problem-solving, and teamwork, the game becomes quite interesting with people you love. Every player gets a chance to take part. However, if one member loses, the rest of the team loses as well. The two teams battle to protect the world against a deadly outbreak.

Despite having a challenging theme, it is easy for the team members to communicate and play strategically. Apart from following all the rules, the team cannot break up as each team player has a special ability that he or she must use. Additionally, you need 2 teams, of 2 or 4 players each to start the game. Each round lasts for about 45 minutes.

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic Game

Looking for a classic yet interactive game for the whole family at Christmas? Say no more as Hasbro’s Gaming Monopoly comes to the rescue. The slightly updated version of Monopoly is among the best party board games of 2021. However, the race is still the same – to own more property and money than your opponents.

While players can purchase properties, one can also charge rent. In contrast to old-edition Monopoly, there are not many differences to point out. The game ends as one player secures the most properties to bankrupt other players.

However, there are some upgrades you should know of. For example, the community chance and replacing chance cards have location spots. These location spots allow you to pay in order to move to a new place on the board.

Despite getting stuck with wheel-barrow tokens or shoes, you can also go with T-Rex and Penguins. Do not worry! They are nothing but brand-new tokens with more advantages. While the game is quite user-friendly and competitive, you need hours to play and a total of 8 players.

Gen 42 Hive

Gen 42 Hive is one of the best party board games that act as an icebreaker for 2 people who do not get along well. While it is very similar to chess, it is easy to learn with a little bit of effort. The chessboard has knights, whereas Gen 42 Hive board has grasshoppers, spiders, and other garden insects. Each player controls an army of bugs. Ultimately, the goal is to protect the Queen. Like chess, each piece on Gen 42 Hive has its own movement style. Moreover, both the players have 2 choices in each turn. You can either move an existing tile or move a new tile from your supply.

The game revolves around surrounding the queen of the opponent team. While playing this game, you must prevent the queen and the opponent player from making a move. It is a fun game and best for those not well-acquainted with one another.

Stone Maier Games Scythe Board Games

Despite having a hard name, Stone Maier is one of the best party board games of 2021. It is a great alternative for Settlers of Catan. Even so, the game became popular in the 21st century, the setting of the board takes us back to 1920. The game is based on a dystopian city, also known as ‘The Factory’.

Each player acts as a leader and takes on a different nation with hidden goals. All the players battle politically to gain new territories, build infrastructure, collect resources, hire new personnel, and make villages prosperous again. Even though you do not get all the abilities at the start, you begin with collecting resources and an objective.

For the game to begin, players draw their combat as well as encounter cards. After that, they begin to move. At the end of the game, the score is entirely defined by the player’s achievements. A player who completed all the 6 objectives ends up winning the game. Moreover, it is a strategy game. Therefore, it might not interest someone who does not like Settlers of Catan.

Hasbro Clue

This is one of the oldest and the best party board games that have ended up as a go-to in 2021. When it comes to murder and mystery, no one can beat Hasbro Clue. While it is a classic detective game, people with non-detective minds will enjoy the game too.

Hasbro Clue is perfect for 2 to 6 players and the objective is to solve a murder crime. In addition to that, you must find out the victim, the murderer, and the weapon used for murder. While the answer remains in a folder (confidential) that nobody can access, players move across the castle, from room to room with the hope of finding the correct answer.

Apart from the clues, players use cards to make accusations against each other. The utmost goal of the game is to solve the crime. Through critical reasoning, players must get all the 3 answers right to win.


Inspired by a medieval fortress in France, it is a tile-laying game. It is produced by a renowned manufacturer in the industry. The game is as interesting as the name is. The players must make a city by building fields, monasteries, roads, and cities. Having followers and scoring points is how you win this game. However, understanding how each tile works is difficult. Each tile includes ever-expanding features. Players use these features to increase their followers.

As you expand tiles and make followers, you move forward in the game. The players with the most followers, monasteries, roads, and cities win.

While the game has some concepts and rules of dominoes, it is quite interesting. Carcassonne has changed how people look up to ‘tile board games. Everyone gets a chance to participate and each round lasts for 45 minutes at tops.


Taboo offers a fast-paced race. All you must do is prepare your team to guess the right words while not using any of the taboo words as clues. To enhance the fun and to avoid cheating, an opponent player keeps a keen watch on your team in case you have a slip of the tongue.

Trivial Pursuit

All players move around the board as the game moves forward. Each player must answer questions derived from 6 categories: nature, science, literature, art, history, geography, and sports. Every correct answer earns you a point and, in this case, a colorful wedge. The first person to collect all the 6 differently colored wedges wins.


Claim your tiles, arrange them, and win the great game of Azul. The award-wining tile-placement game is pleasing and competitive at the same time. Make your game board aesthetically pleasing while taking a hard toll on your opponents.

Ghost Blitz

Although it might be creepy for kids, Ghost blitz is your perfect party game to keep away the boredom. All the players compete while collecting items off the table. Such as a gray mouse, a white ghost, a green bottle, a red chair, and a blue book. In addition to that, all the players get cards as well.

Each card has 2 pictures of the objects, each colored incorrectly. Each player gets a turn to reveal a card. Then, the players try to grab the object before it is too late. Collect the most cards and you end up winning the game. It is a simple yet interesting puzzle game that can be solved and learned in less than 10 minutes.


Board games will have everyone standing on their feet and are perfect for action-oriented parties. However, you have to pick the right ones if you want everyone at the party to enjoy themselves.

If you are looking for more Party Board Games, let us know in the comment section below and we will try our best to help you!

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